What is Social Media? – You Never Known about Digital Marketing

What is Social Media? – You Never Known about Digital Marketing

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Welcome to Ask Me Asha Blog. Today Topic is about, Digital Marketing and Social Media.

Digital Marketing

Now the Trending content for the business. We are all working on the internet based business like blogging and Digital Marketing.

To Blogging we should know about the Digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is Promoting your business on Digitally (Social medial Ads, Promoting with social media banners, Video ads, image ads ).

Now Days its the One popular way to get more promoting the business.

Which is the Most Popular way to Digital Marketing?

Social Media, is the best way to Promoting Digital Marketing.

Is there any other way to Digital Marketing?

Yes, There are so many way to Digitally marketing like YouTube channel, TV Ads, Mobile Phone Marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing

There are so many types of Digital Marketing

  1. Social Media
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Pay Per Click (PPC)
  5. Content Marketing
  6. E-mail Marketing

Social Media

The one of the strongest Way to get popular and strongest way to get your business noticed on internet.

Social Media best way to promoting a content, business, blogging, digital marketing and many more.

What are the uses of Social Media?

There are so many uses of social media, based on using the social media.

if you are using for genuine niche it will help you for your work and for future, if you use for your time pass, it will also waste your time.

  1. Getting Popularity
  2. Getting your Business noticeable
  3. Make you Public figure
  4. Getting more customers to your business
  5. Gives you best marketing platform.

Use Social Media as your work.

Cons on Social Media

  1. Beware of fake account holders.
  2. Beware of Fake payments.
  3. Beware of your Secret codes.

There are so many peoples are making unusual works on social media, beware from there.

what are the best Ways to Digital Marketing?

There are so many ways to promote your business,

getting social media is the best way.

  1. Creating a High Quality Social Media Banners.
  2. Creating a Effective Video Promo

I.               High Quality Social Media Banners are very helpful to Get more Impressions, it hits direct to landing page on your Site or business site.

II.             Creating Short Video Promo for your business is the best way to get hits to your landing page.

Best Tools to Create Social Media Banners?

There are so many Tools to create best Social media banners.

  1. Use Free Stock Royalty Images Websites
  2. The Canva

Best Image Creating Software’s?

You can Create your Image by own by using these software’s

  1. photoshop
  2. Coreldraw
  3. Adobe Flash

Search Engine Optimization:

Creating a Blog for your Clients getting the blog to get good Ranking on Internet to Get more Customers to his Business.

In Search Engine Optimization you need care for

On-Page SEO :  Here Focus on your Website and optimize with a Researching a keywords for getting Search Results

Off-page SEO : Focus on about Optimize your Website with load a faster to get good Ranking and inbound Links and Backlinks to your website

Affiliate Marketing

  1. Post Affiliate Links from your Social Media
  2. YouTube Partner Program

PayPerClick (PPC)

PPC is the best way to get more traffic to your Website and your Business. getting Advertising on internet by posting your Website or business.

Google Ads : The best way to Advertise your Website or business with a huge responses.

Facebook Ads : Most Usable Social Media app is Facebook. There are Billions of active customers on Facebook. Facebook Ads will be the better way to Digitally promotion.

Twitter Campaigns : Twitter will noticed your website or business to huge customers. the most popular and trending app with huge number of Users.

Content Marketing

Creating a Website and Make a Blogs for your business. like

  1. Promoting with Videos
  2. E-books
  3. Infographics

E-Mail Marketing

Getting Subscription from your website.

and Getting Email ids on Subscriptions,

Sending Welcome Email to your website

and Follow up your Business with Emails sending.


Best Tips to Digital Market for beginner?

Getting Social Media is the best way to Digital Marketing.

  1. Create Facebook page Promote on it
  2. Create Pinterest Boards, pin you images
  3. Twitter tweets.
  4. Reddit page
  5. Instagram Promotion (Now so Popular)
  6. Create a Blog
  7. Getting Signup Google Ads for your Blog.
  8. Create Events on Facebook page.
  9. Get some time Live on Facebook Page.
  10. Create a Video on Youtube.
  11. Use Trending Hashtags.




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