5 Ways to Be Constantly Improving Your Password IDeas

5 Ways to Be Constantly Improving Your Password IDeas

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Welcome to Ask Me Asha blog, today we are discussing the topic about best password ideas and worst password ideas. how to choose right password for secure accounts.

In this world, We are strongly attached with internet based on whatever, may be for job, entertainment, chat, messages

To do whatever you, Must creating a Account on Website first.

if you want to send email you Must sign up and create account and then access your mailings.

Creating a Account is easy but not set the easy password to your Account. its a very dangerous and very foolishness from you to create silly passwords.

Some worst Password ideas

Some of the worst password ideas for your secure your account is

  1. yourname+1234
  2. name+1234
  3. surname+1234
  4. mobile number
  5. mobile number +initial
  6. your pan number
  7. your date of birth
  8. full name
  9. wife names
  10. 123456789
  11. 987654321
  12. car number

These are one of the worst password ideas ever.

Set Password that No body can imagine that, it would be like this.

Uses of password high Secure password.

Your password must be high securable and no body can guess, because password make high securable for your any account.

its may be chat account or business account.

If someone can access your password your account can be used by him as he can do anything.

Its unsafe for you.

So, Be Carefuller on set your Password.

Some Best Password Ideas Formats

Some of the best password formats are.

  • Password must be 8 to 12 characters
  • Use numbers in your Password
  • Use Special character on your Password
  • Use two or more Capital word.

As My Suggestion password structure is

First letter must be CAPITAL LETTER + In between add one Special character + add some letters and last + add your Favorite Number

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