Where to Invest on this Pandemic Situation in India – Small Investors

Where to Invest on this Pandemic Situation in India – Small Investors

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Pandemic Situation

The World is facing this Pandemic Situation is very Badly on this year fully. There are so many people are facing very badly on this COVID-19 Infectious Days fully.

The only one major thing on this situation is how the people are facing this situation.

COVID-19 Virus has been infected very badly on Starting on this year, all over world has been facing the situations very badly.

In India there are so many Positive cases are still running and infected.

The only one situation is how survive from this infectious virus and how to manage the his life to lead well, so many people are facing very badly on this pandemic situation,  as i know on this situation in india 40% of people are lived based on daily payment wise or weekly payment wise.

On that people are getting very and critical situation to lead his life’s.


India is a Farmers Nation,

Farmer are the Backbone of our Nation,

On this Pandemic situation  farmer are hitting financial problems are very badly. In India Every farmer is not in good Financial better.

there are so many farmer’s life is based on his Farming Income, on this they are very loss his Income and Facing  very badly on Life to lead.


On this Situations there are lots of Industries are facing a big losses in his Business, there is no Guaranteed for his Productions. So Many companies are facing the big loss on his Carrier.

One of the Biggest companies in india are facing very badly.

Gold Investment

One of the best way to invest On this Time,


One Most Dangerous Investment on this Pandemic Situation, Because In India on 2019 the Gold Price is on Around 40,000 = 00 + the biggest hike on all over time and still running, But now the the Price of the Gold is over 50,000 = 00


No body Knows what is happening in next day it will be high or low.

As Know about pandemic Situation 2020 is the biggest Doubty about Investment.


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