What is Google Adwords (Google Ads)

What is Google Adwords (Google Ads)

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We all know about Google Adwords. The biggest platform to make your business to get noticed and get huge customers to your website by advertising.

What is Google Adwords (Google Ads)?

Google Adwords is the biggest and best advertising Platform by Google.com.

What are the uses of Google Ads (Google Adwords)?

If you join the Google Adwords and make your Advertising on Google Ads, It’s Very Effective for your website and Business.

Are we Advertise YouTube Videos?

Yes, of course, you can Advertise Your YouTube Channel and Channel Video on Google Ads.

Go to YouTube Studio >> Videos >> More >> Promote

Youtube Promote

How to Advertise our Bussiness on Google Ads?

You Can Advertise your Business on Google Adwords. Create Google Adwords Account and Google Adwords SigninCreate a campaign on Google Ads and Select region you advertise and Publish your Ad.

How Much Google ads cost?

It’s Based on your bidding on Creating a campaign time. like CPC, CPM.

What is CPC?

CPC Means Cost per Click, If your Advertise clicked by someone it will deduct on your Money in your account.

What is CPM?

CPM Based on how many Impression will get to your business on your Ad.

Which one is better CPC or CPM?

CPC: If you bid on this, Here you will get the click on your website. The money will be Deduct when the click by someone Watching the Ad.

CPM: If you Bid on this you will get the Good Impression to your website.

How Many Types of Advertising on Google Ads?

You Can Advertise as Different Ways like

1. Display Ads

2. Search Ads

3. Shopping Ads

4. Video Ads

5. Discovery ads.

You Can Advertise your Business as these types of Ads.

Actual Price for CPC on Google Ads?

The Price of CPC on Google Ads is

Display Ads : $1

Search Ads : $1 to $2

Are we pay the Monthly Planning in Google Ads?

Yes. you can Estimate your Bid and pay by monthly on Ads. Some business are Paying payment up to $900 for monthly.

What is Keyword planner?

After creating a Ad you can Add Some Keywords to your Ads, you can bid the Keywords as CPC. you can add More Keywords to your Ad Group.

What is Ad Group in Google Adwords?

Ad group is the container or file for your Google advertisement created by you, consists of keywords, landing pages and others.


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