How to Register website with Google : Google Search Console

How to Register website with Google : Google Search Console

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Welcome to | Ask Me Asha | Blog. This Topic is how to Register Website with Google?, and Submit URL on Google Search Engine

In this Blog post I can share How to Submit Your Website to Google Index. To List your website in Google Search Engine Instantly (With Images).

G S C (Google Search Console) Helps to get Report of Search Traffic and Performance of your Website.

Google Search Console is helps to Know the Issues in your Website pages, and get the Issues to Fix on. Google Search Console is the best tool to the bloggers to get performance of the blogs.

How To Submit Site?

To Start With Google Search Console, You need to create Google Account. Create an Google Account.

Guide to Register Website with Google Search Console.

  1.  Create Google Account
  2.  Sign in With Google Webmaster Tool
  3.  Add Property
  4.  Verify your Website with Provided <HTML> Code
  5.  URL Inspection
  6.  Submit to Google Index Request

These are are the Steps to submit the site to Google Index.

Step by Step Guide to submit the Website to Google Search Engine (with Images).

Create Google Account

For Every Google Products access to use, you need to Create Google Account. The one Google account for all products.

SignIn Google Webmaster Tool With Google Account.

After comlpleted the Google Account you can SignIn With Google Web Master Tool.

Google WebMaster Tool

ScreenShot of Google Webmaster tool Image Below:

Google Search Console

Above Image You will seen the Main Page of the Google Web Master Tool. and top Right side you will find the SignIn Link to Sign to Webmaster Tool.

If You are SignIn Google Account it Automatically SignUp with Webmaster tool Account you Will Access the Webmaster Dashboard Page

 Add Property to Google Search Search console.

After Sign in you will seen the Link on the page, Like Search Property on top of the left side, click on to the link, and then click Add Property on dropdown menu last one.

Property means Account of your Website. You Can Add one or more Websites, on clicking the Add Property section.

To submit the Site you must complete these Process

Take Look at below Image of ScreenShot

Add Property

Verify Your Site with Provided <HTML> Code

On Click the Add Property Link, Property Verification Page will open. You must Complete this Step compulsory.

You need to provide your URL Address then Google will provide the HTML Code for Verify Your Site.

Google Ask Domain and Site Verification Must and Should, because they want know the genuine owner of the Website to give the Report of Performance.

There are two options to Verify your Website.

  1. Add the HTML Code on index page.
  2. Download the HTML Page and Upload on Control Plesk Data.

You Can Verify Your Website as You Like and As Easy for You.

You need to Put Code on your Index page on between <Head>   </Head>.

After You Put the code you Click the verify Button on Google Search Console

You can Look Screenshot of Verification page and HTML Code

After click on the Verifiaction button you will get the Verifiaction Success message from Google Search console.

Look in Screenshot


URL Inspection

This is the main Process to Submit your site to Google Search Console, You can check here if your site is indexed on Google Search or not

If you started new you Click on URL Insprecion link on left of the webpage on Google Search Console page and put your URL Address on the top of the textbox and click Enter.

It will take some time, may be 10 to 15 sec to get Results

URL Inspection

Submit to Google Index

If your Website is not Indexed on Google Seach Engine you will get the result, like, it will show URL is not on Google.

Now the Main Process Starting, This One is the main step to add the website to Google Search Engine.

Then you need to Add Your Site on Google index, on Clicking Request indexing button

Clicking the Button Request Indexing it take some time to Submission of indexing.

GSC Request Submitted

completed the process of Request Indexing you Must run Test Live URL, button on right side top with black background.

GSC Live Test

On clicking the TEST LIVE URL you will completed the Final Process to Register website to Google and your Result will shown

Look the ScreenShot below

GSC Index Successfull

Then your Website will be indexed in Google Search Engine. One More Important thing is For Every Updation of your Website, You must Re-request Index to change in Google Search Engine.

Otherwise Google Shows old site or 404 Page Error.

Follow these Steps to Submit Your Website to google Search Console Instantly.

The complete Video Tutor

Follow these Simple Steps get Good Result. Hope You Will Get Good Information.

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