SEMRush The Top Keyword Research Tool – 2020

SEMRush The Top Keyword Research Tool – 2020

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Hello Friends, Welcome the Ask Me Asha Blog, today we can discuss about the tool that need all the bloggers, ie, SEMRush tool.


Hello Friends, Welcome the Ask Me Asha Blog, today we can discuss about the tool that need all the bloggers, ie, SEMRush tool. This Article will share you How to Use SEMRush Tool, SEMRush Site Audit, SEMRush Keyword Research

SEMRush Keyword Research Tool

The top Keyword Research tool, here you know about how to use SEMRush, how to get backlinks to your website using SEMRush and many more

To start with SEMRush tool Click below link to go website

Click here to Go to SEMRush Tool


Here you can see the Dashboard of the SEMRush Tool. If you want to check your website position tracking and research keyword, you need to sign up the semrush tool,

After completion of the Sign up process there are 3 step to get the result

Enter domain >> Create project >> Add Keywords >> Track your positionThe SEMRush Tools consists of

  • Position Tracking
  • Site Audit
  • OnPage SEO Checker
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Brand Monitoring
  • SEM Rush sensor
  • Backlink Audit
  • Organic Traffic Insight

Keyword Magic Tool

SEMRush Introducing new Tool is Keyword Magic Tools. Here you can add the website domain name or Keyword then you will get the Top Keywords and Related keywords.

Keyword Magic Tool

Keyword results consists of performance, top CPC rate, volume and trend statistics.

Position Tracking

Here you can get the Postion of the Your Website and Visibility in internet.

Position Tracking of Keywords

One of the main thing is the Position of the Keyword, because how much rank for the keyword is neccessary to know for add it to on your website.

Keyword Overview

SEMRush Site Audit

Site Audit is the main thing, As google Launguage its called crawl the pages. SEMRush fully Scanned Your website with Analytics and then it will process to postion tracking,

After completing the Site Audit you can get complete performance of your website and also you will get the Errors in your website pages, there are

  1. Errors in your Page
  2. Brokern Links
  3. 404 Links
  4. Suggest to add releavant META Tags for neccesary
  5. Remembers to add ALT tag for the images for SEO for Google
  6. It will suggest if your webpage has low number of Words
  7. Can detect the Duplicate content
  8. Can detect errors in Duplicate TITLE, DESCRIPTION , KEYWORDS
  9. Suggest If you have better SSL Certificate
  10. Detect the uses of HEADER Tags in webpage
  11. Detect Broker HTML Tags

Social Media Tracker

In this category it checking your the social media Marketing about your website,

In theses days the Social media is number one Marketing tool for Blogger and any creators, so SEMRush tool track your Social media activities and suggest how to market your website using social market

Link Building Tools

This is one of Main for gain more traffic to your website, you can get thousands of Backlinks, you will get related websites to Send the backlink your URL to his websites.

This method is like chain link system also called Link Building system.

Oraganic Searches

Here you can get the trending Keywords, and keywords CPC ,

SEMRush Organic Search

Follow these Simple Steps get Good Result. Hope You Will Get Good Information.

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