Strongest Search Engine Optimization Tricks 2020 -Ask Me Asha

Strongest Search Engine Optimization Tricks 2020 -Ask Me Asha

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Hey Welcome to our One More Article of Ask Me Asha, This Post Is About Search Engine Optimization Makes Easy in Blogging.

This Article We Can Learn about the main part of the blogging, Search Engine Optimization, SEO Tools, Onpage optimization, off-page optimization, Backlinks and more.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the Very Important Parts of blogging, Here you can have knowledge of SEO, you can get the Good Ranking in Search Engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the science of getting pages to rank higher in search engines such as Google Search.

SEO is helping to make Higher Ranking in search engines can help higher traffics to your websites.

In google, you can get a front page on google search using the help of paid search. But SEO helps to make your rank your pages or websites in any Search Engines.

The Uses of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is one best way to make navigate to users to your websites. so to create a blog or website you need at least Basic SEO Knowledge.

Even Get views and Subscribers YouTube wants to Follow SEO. Without SEO On Your Webpage, It’s not a chance to get ranking on Search Engines.

Best way to Get More Views and Subscribers?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Secrets

1. On-Page SEO :

1. Optimise URL of the Page.

The URL Of the Website will be short and Easy to Pronounce.

Easy URL Makes very remembered to Customer and Getting first Preference on your Site.

Most of the Research Impression based on your URL of the Website.

2. Add at least 5 Keywords.

Help to find faster your page on Search Engine. 

In Google Search Engine Suggest only 5 Keywords are Conducted.

Adding a META Keywords is useless but not DEAD.

Its a first Preference but.

One Secret is Not only in a META Tag. Add on Other spaces in Webpage Like URL, TITLE, Body, DESCRIPTION.  

3. Add Keyword in Title

Help to find faster your page on Search Engine. 

Adding Keywords in Title is best way to get more noticed on ONPAGE SEO.

    1. Use Similar Title tag for search term
    2. Update Better Meta Tags Keywords
    3. Use Your Main Keyword in First keyword
    4. use in Title also.


Add 5 Keywords in Meta tag Keyword Section.

Don’t Use More Keywords, not in use.  

    1. Update Description Meta Tags
    2. Add Keywords on your META Description.
    3. Add Keyword on Image Title and Alt.
    4. Use the Same Keyword on your Body at least 6 to 7 times based on your content Length.
    5. Add your Main Keyword on Header like H1 H2 H3 tags.
    6. Use only one H1 on your Body Section. that is your Title only. Don’t use more H1 tag
    7. Write Minimum 600 words on your Content, 1400+ is very Great work.
    8. Use Inner Links on your Website Each page.
    9. Add some Outer links on your Webpage.


Once again, Remember,

at least add 140 characters of Description to get good ranking on Google Search Engine.

Without Meta Description Tag, Search Engine gets first Letters of the Web page, its Maybe Image link or other any Link

2. Off-Page SEO :

1. Better structure of the webpage.

2. Add internal links in your page.

Links your one page to another page.

3. Add External Links like other websites or YouTube Video Embeds

Embedding Youtube Videos is the best SEO part of off-page Optimization.

3. Link Building

1. Backlinks form External websites

Get some backlinks to another similar Niche website, to provide a link with your website on his sites.

  1. Submit websites to Similar web directories
  2. Signup some Backlinks building website.
One of the best way to get Backlinks to your website
is Comment on other popular websites with adding
your Website name.

4.Keyword Research

  1. Keyword research is the starting lessons of SEO.
  2. Add some Similar Keywords to your websites
  3. Research on some keyword tools websites to get some popular keywords
  4. Best one Suggestion add LSI keyword.
  5. A keyword must be based on your Content.

Some Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

To Better SEO Tools are to Make better to results are

  1. Google Search console
  2. Google Keyword Planner
  3. Backlinks Analysis Tools

Best Paid SEO Tools

There are so many SEO Tools are in internet market, but some of them are sound very good and pretty very cool responses from the users.

They are


Now the Leading Search Engine Optimization Tool. there are lots of Features on SEMRush Tools. 

Keyword Magic Tool

You can get here, Research Keyword, Position Tracking, on-page SEO Check, Link building tool, Backlinks building tool.

How to use SEMRush?



Another best Keyword Research Tool for Blogger and its paid Tool.

WordStream Free Keyword Tool


The Best Free Keyword Research Tool for getting Trending Keyword.

Yoast Plugin for WordPress

Yoast plugin

The Best way to Get SEO Faster on WordPress  Website.

The best WordPress SEO Plugins?

Neil Patel (Ubersuggest)

niel patel

Here you can get the Keyword suggestion and keyword Ideas for your Website.

The Best Popular Free Keyword Research Tool.

Research Your Niche Keyword for your Website and its a paid tool.

For More Keyword Research you can Use these tools.

Some of the tools will get you better performances.

What is the better way to get Ranking 1 on Search Engines?

The best way to get Ranking 1 on Search Engine is Quality of the content, Enough words on Content.

Some tips to better content

  1. Content must be more than 2000+ Words.
  2. Optimize with Good CPC Keywords
  3. Use Low Competition Keywords
  4. Use LSI Keywords
  5. Good On-page SEO
  6. Good Off-page SEO
  7. Better Backlinks
  8. Add Interlinks
  9. Impressive Title
  10. Remarkable Description

If done above all these Tips your site will be getting better Ranking on Search Engines.

Thank you… 🙂




Follow these Simple Steps get Good Result. Hope You Will Get Good Information.

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