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Welcome to Ask Me Asha blog.

On-page seo the most important system for the search engine optimizations,.

What are the best On-page seo for the better ranking on search Engines.

Getting ideas from others not a bad idea but experimenting on on-page SEO is the besr way to getting better ranking.

What are the Experiments?

Experiments means the getting updates on every three days.

Day:1 update your titles and descriptions and keywords and check for a days to which keyword will be getting noticed on search engines.

Day :2 update your content is more important.

If the user search niche and Your content matched, your site is getting on first page.

Day:3 Eyes on about off-page SEO for a while.

Is these Experiments will work?

Its the best way to stay update on your site because search engine are need the fresh content and stay updated contents.

If your site is stay updated you site will be getting noticed very fast.

As per the NEIL PATEL SAYS 2000+ words need for getting first page on GOOGLE?

yes, but not on any time. Some of the contents are better for 2000+ words,

Based on your questions.

Some time, i searched on any content on google most of the sites are showed me only below 700 words content.

For ex

There are so many ways to get ranking on google search Engines.

The one of the most and better way to get noticed on Search Engine is News.

The news about happens on yesterday near between 6 hours ago.

Post the article about the content. You will get the better result on Search Engines.

Post the article about curiositic contents.

In ON-PAGE SEO is keyword is the main part?

Keyword is the main part on ON-PAGE SEO system, but on META  tags is not a best way

Put the keywords on other sections like meta descriptions, on body, on title, on URL.

Is content length is more important for getting ranking?

Yes, but useless words on content is not good to visitors to read.

But, more words on your content is important atleast 1500+ words on your content  will get better ranking.

Minimum words for good SEO id atleast 600+ words.

More words on your content will get better way to get ranking.

Brief explanation on better on-page SEO.

1. Choose a good Niche

2. Choose best Theme

3. Good content

4. Curiositic Title

5. Best slug or permalink

6. Add keyword on META tag

7. Add keywords on Meta Descriptions

8. Add keywords on slug

9. Add keywords on title on Starting

10. Add keyword on Body sections

11. Make keyword on heading like h1, h2 ,h3

12. Add more keywords on Body and make it bolder

13. Content length must 2000+

14. Optimize your website using the plugins

Use these ways for getting better On-page Search Engine Optimizations and getting better ranking on Search Engines

Once again Remember.

Getting better ranking on Google search Engines you must write better and fresh content is more importance.




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