Mobile Friendly Test – Know your Website Actually Supported

Mobile Friendly Test – Know your Website Actually Supported

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Welcome to | Ask Me Asha | Blog. In This post you will learn How to check your Website is Mobile Friendly Test.

Mobile Friendly Test is the best way to check the Performance of the Website. if your site is being prepared for Mobile Users.

Google Loves Mobile Friendly Websites.

Check website speed test These two is tools is the best free Optimization Tools offered from Google.

How to Check Website Speed Test?

To Get Good Ranking on Google Search Engine, optimization of your site is More Important and pages will be supported for Mobiles like Smartphone.

Google considers Very strictly on this Process. if your site doesn’t Meet in this criteria, automatically ranking will goes down. So to get a good ranking on google, create a Mobile Friendly Pages.

If your Site is already launched then you can check online. with This tool

The Mobile Friendly Test This tool offered by google for check the site is Mobile friendly or not.

Mobile Friendly Test

>> Mobile Friendly Testing <<

First You Need to Go Tool so clicking above link you will seen the Page like this Image

Take look at Screen Shot

Mobile Friendly Test

On the text box Provide your Website URL, you want to know the site. and then click the yellow button (TEST URL).

Then it will take some time to Full analyse your website.

Completed the Analyzing you will get the result of your webpage is Mobile Friendly or not.

Like this Watch the Screenshot

This Mobile Friendly Test tool is a Google Product and it will show the if any some issues it will occurs on result. Details of the Errors, its very helpful for fix the errors on your Webpage.

Video Tutor

Follow these Simple Steps get Good Result. Hope You Will Get Good Information.

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