How to speed up your WordPress website – Strong steps to Faster

How to speed up your WordPress website – Strong steps to Faster

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Website speed, the most important thing to make perfect blog, Speed of a webpage is more important. The most important thing is how to speed up your wordpress website.

How it helps on blogging Journey?

Speed of the webpage is very helpfull to load your website on internet. Its help to get ranking on search Engines.

Is helpful on Getting Ranking?

Speed of the webpage is is helps to get ranking on search Engines, Search Engines are first preferred the Fastest loading websites.

If your page is lite and fast loading Search Engine will suggest your website first. Then your website will get you ranking easily.

And get you visitors faster.

How to speed up your WordPress website

Speed up your website using simple steps and make it Lightening speed site.

Its easy and its some difficult also.

But its the most important for blogging journey, you must know the knowledge of this.

How to check your webpsite speed?

There are so many tools to check your website loading tests.

1. Google page speed Insight

2. Gtmetrics

These will helps you get speed test of your website.

How to check website speed test

Best way to Fastest loading pages?

Optimizations  is the best way to fast loading websites.

Optimize your wordpress website.

How to optimize WordPress Website?

How optimize your website  the most important thing you should know,

Learn how to optimize the website manually.

Or use plugins for your wordpress website.

Speed up your wordpress website.

The steps to speed up your website.

Step1: invest on your wehosting  is the main thing.

Because if your server speed is more important, connection of your server is also matters.

So choose the better server speed web hosting.

Step2: use too lite website theme for your website.

Select the best and low size of webpage is helpfull.

Step4: Don’t use more than 20 plugins to your wordpress website.

If your wordpress website is using more popup plugins it will kill  the loading tome of your website.

Step5: First check your websit on google page speed insight and the get report of your website speed.

You can get the how much speed it will take time to load.

On downside you will get the report of how take time to get your website like server, images, pages, css pages, more.

Step3: if your server is slow to connect you can change your web hosting service.

And loading of css files, if your css file is full unusual files or contents you must remove.

Remove unusual css and java scrript codes.

And optimize your images.

Images are very more part for your website for look beautiful.

But if your Images is more on size, it will take more time to load your website.

Low your images size to load faster.

On GTMETRICS the report will suggest you to how much size to optimize your website images.

Some simple line to say.

1. Choose better web hosting

2. Use lite wordpress theme

3. Dont use more plugins

4. Use low sized images.

5. Dont use more popup plugins

6. Minify css and script

7. Remove unusual code on your site.

What are the best plugins to Optimize WordPress website.

There are so many plugins to optimize wordpress website,but my opinion is some plugins are.

1. WPoptimize

WPoptimize is the best plugin that help to optimize your theme and load faster.

Uses of WPoptimize

1. Optimize your website

2. Minify your script and CSS

3. Optimizing your Images

4. Removing unused tables on Database (database optimisation)

5. Clearing all unused and expired files on your webfiles.

Totally very good plugin to optimize your website.

2. Swift performance

In this plugin you can optimise your website and good performance to your website,

Uses of swift performances.

1. The most thing is it helps to clear your cache file that you installed on wordpress, whatever plugin or themes it will clear all the cache files.

2. Optimize your speed of theme

3. Clear all cache on wordpress

3. A3lazy load

A3 lazy load the one the best plugin to optimize ever, its quite use for Free users and best for upgraded users.

Uses of lazy load

1. Clear cache

2. Image optimize

3. Minify Css and Script

4. Database optimizations

This Plugin will help to get load your website faster and getting good ranking search Engines.





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