How to Setup Facebook Pixel Get More Audience Easily – Advanced Ads Services – 3 Steps

How to Setup Facebook Pixel Get More Audience Easily – Advanced Ads Services – 3 Steps

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Welcome to | Ask Me Asha | Blog. How to set up Facebook Pixel. Create a facebook pixel.

Facebook is one of the most searchable and most usable Website and Mobile app in Internet world. Facebook has become the best Online Digital Marketing tool for the creators.

Some of the best tools in facebook is pages, Facebook Groups are the best way to make get Customers and connecting people on online. There is another way to impress your Customer and getting good response on your business.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel is the best way to get more impression and getting customers on your landing page on advertising. Pixel helps to track your Website activities.

It will deliver the ads to customer who want searching on your Niche.

Facebook Pixel is the best way to build you Audience to your Website or Business.

How to Set up Facebook Pixel

To Start with a facebook pixel you must have an Facebook Account.

Go to Facebook Pixel Facebook Pixel On click the above link you will redirected your Facebook Ads page with your Account.

Facebook Pixel

and click on Dropdown button on Logo of Facebook Ads, and Click Pixels link on Dropdown Menu.

and Getting Start with Pixels.

Now Create a Pixel Account. on Clicking button of Create a Pixel.

Getting Started

and Enter your Website Name on creating a Pixel.

Enter URL

After Providing WEbsite Details, Facebook Pixel Providing a Verification Code for Website Ownership check and Website Tracking Code.

Select Manually Add Pixel Code to Website and Get Tracking Code.

Instal Pixel code


How to Add Meta Tags and Instal Code on WordPress?

Get copy the code and Instal the code on Index page of your Website before </HEAD> tag and go Facebook Pixel and Continue.

And now the Pixel has been Completed Installing and connecting your website.

Set up Events

On setup Events, On clicking continue button you will be redirected to setup events page. There are step to Setup Event

1. Select Facebook Event Setup tool

2. Enter Your website URL and Click open Website button.

Now your website will Completely connected with Facebook Pixel. and you can create your ad and get more audience to your Website.

Acitve on Pixel

Follow these Simple Steps get Good Result. Hope You Will Get Good Information.

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