How to make Rings Onion pakoda – Food Recipes and south Indian chats

How to make Rings Onion pakoda – Food Recipes and south Indian chats

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Food Recipes

How to make onion pakoda, the south indian chats,

Onion pakoda- food Recipes

Onion pakoda

the South indian most Delicious chat to for the Evening Tea time.

It’s a very better to eat with green chutney or sauce, on south side the green chilli will be fried little with a Vegetable oil and after fry adding taste for Salt  and make eat it with a pakoda.

South Indian chats

But i will show you how to make Ring Onion pakoda with simple tips,

Ingredients to make Ring Onion Pakoda food Recipes 

1. Gram flour

2. Onion

3. Chilli powder

4. Salt

5. Water for mix

6. Vegetable oil

7. Jeera

8. Eating soda for little

9. Turmeric Powder

How to prepare

Step1: To make Ring onion pakoda to start first cut the onion on round shape on small slices like

and separate it with rings on layers.

Step 2: And get 200gm of gram flour on a bowl add some water to make like a paste not so hard.

and add chilli powder and salt ,jeera , soda for a taste and mix it up very well.

Step 3: After completing a mix leave for ten minutes.

Step 4 : And a pan with a Vegetable oil and heat it for fry your pakoda, add the oil as your amount of ready masala for pakoda as judgement.

Heat the oil very well,

Step 5: Take Rings of the onion slice and mix it with your paste of the gram flour masala and pour on heated oil to fry them.

Step 6 :Fry the slices till get golden color and make for crunchy.

Get it with a another dry paper for reduce too oil.

Then now the Ring Onion Pakoda is ready to Eat.

The crunchy and delicious Rings onion pakoda is ready to Eat.

On south side these chats are more usings on Rainy seasons, its a very common snacks on every homes on evening time with Tea.

Make it and try it.



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