How to Make Money On YouTube Channel in 2020 | 4 steps to Success

How to Make Money On YouTube Channel in 2020 | 4 steps to Success

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Hello friends, This Vikram RD from Ask Me Asha Blog.

This Blogpost will suggest you to how to Make Money On YouTube Complete Brief Explanation about how to start YouTube Channel.

I have Covered all your Doubts and Questions About YouTube.

Some of the Main Questions are.

How to Start a YouTube Channel?

How can I earn money with YouTube?

How to customize My YouTube channel?

In This Blog Post, You Can Learn About How to Create a Perfect YouTube Channel and How to Customize the YouTube Channel.

There are 4 Steps to Make Money on YouTube in 2020. You can Earn Money Through Google AdSense, YouTube Monetization.

I am here to share my knowledge about Online Video Blogging, and How to Make Money on YouTube in 2020, here you can get the knowledge to become a good Vlogger and Earn Money through YouTube Channel.

Welcome to 1 billion Active Customer Platform on the Internet.

YouTube is the world largest visitors Video Web platform. there are many facilities for creators to earn money by making creative videos and Earning Money through YouTube.

Here are the best ways to make money online in making your passion and Earn through your passion with the help of YouTube and Google Adsense.


Once a time YouTube is the videos Viewer website but nowadays YouTube is the best business work, from home and professional also. now we will discuss how to start with YouTube.

No long procedure you need one at least one Google account, SignIn YouTube With Google Account and Create a YouTube channel.

How to Make Money on YouTube?

1. Create a Channel

How to Create YouTube Channel.

Watch this Video.

2.Upload Videos :

Uploading you’re created or captured videos to your Channel.

3. YouTube Monetization:

Monetization means to link your YouTube account to your Google AdSense account

 monetize your account with google AdSense account you need to 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch hours.

Create a YouTube Channel Step by Step Guide

Start with create a New YouTube channel, you need to create Google account, and YouTube account.

have a Google account, no need to create a another account, just go to,

It will be redirected and create a YouTube account automatically. Google has one account for all apps.

YouTube Settings

Click the Round icon Shown in Top right side of the YouTube page, and select the Setting link to Create a Google account and YouTube.

Create a channel you need to log in YouTube with your Google account and click Round Icon and click
setting>>Add or Manage Your Channel

Add Channel

U will see the link of create a channel, Then click on +icon with a Create a New channel Here you can create channel.

Create Channel

Click the Create YouTube channel link you will be shown like this. Take look at Above Screenshot

Next click on create channel and add your channel name.

Make channel name as your name or your company name or brand name.

1. you are running a company and you want to create a brand channel you can provide your company name.

2. If you are using the channel for personal Vlogging, add Your name must be better.

Add Channel Name

Entering the channel name then the channel will created and redirected to Dashboard of your channel.

In Dashboard, you will see the suggestions by YouTube, creators suggestion videos, and channel analytics, and your latest upload.

After completing all the above information your YouTube channel will be created.

And It’s not completed, its Starting point of your YouTube account. you need to customize your YouTube channel to get more impressions.

If you customize your channel may be helpful to get return your visitors to your Channel.

The First Impression is always the best impression.

So, Impress the customers with officially looked YouTube channel.

To make your Channel look attractive, you must customize your Channel offered by YouTube on clicking the link customize your channel Main Page.

Customise Channel

Customizing your channel look more impressive to visitors to revisit to your channel. so YouTube offered some special features to customize your channel.

Some of the features are

Channel Cover


Make a Beautiful Channel cover with Adding your logo to create a Channel cover.


In About Page you will find the Description of Your Channel. Add very accurate words with your Niche to get know what the channel is based on.

The description very helps to get noticed to Visitors to know about your Channel in earlier.

Social Media Links:

On About page, you can also find the Links that Social media links to show on Channel cover.

Customizing these features your channel looking branded and impression to your visitors.

Upload your first video

How to upload video in YouTube?


upload your first video you need at least Basic SEO knowledge because it will help to make your video become popular as soon as possible. In uploading, you must add Title, Description, Tags.

1.Title: Name Of your Video.

2.Description: Describe your Video you are uploaded. Write at least some short Description of your Video.

3.Tags: Tags are one of the main and very helpful to make your video better visible in Search Engine. Tags help to make more noticed on YouTube

There are other some Features to offered by YouTube Studio on uploading section, there are:


End Screen is the Best Tool to Promote your Another video on your own Video, You can add Video link on EndScreen, it will display on Last 10 sec, it will show on your videos


Text Display on bottom of the video, you can add the caption in different Languages.

WaterMark brand

Watermark brand is very helpful to gain more subscribers, the user clicks on the image it will subscribe you.


A bunch of Videos, You can use as part by part section, and also used as categories.

Custom Thumbnail

One most important and best tool to get more impression on videos is Custom Thumbnails, you can create an own Image and upload it has a thumbnail.

Make Money on YouTube – YouTube AdSense

You can Make Money on YouTube with your uploaded videos with the help of Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is an Online Advertising Network. you must register with Google AdSense and submit your YouTube channel to approve the AdSense application. There are some conditions now in YouTube monetization.

Some Important Tips to Approve YouTube Monetization

Make money on youtube

To Monetization, means add Your YouTube  Account to google AdSense account.

if your Account linked with your YouTube AdSense account you can make money on YouTube with displayed ads.

There so many Rules and regulations for approval Google AdSense.

  1. Never Promote UnUsual Works on Your Videos
  2. Create High-Quality Videos
  3. Create Featured Videos
  4. Non-copyrighted Images and Music
  5. Don’t Download other Videos and Upload it.

Approval of YouTube Monetization, Your Channel Must have 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch hours. then after your Youtube AdSense Account Application will be submitted.

If your Channel is eligible for AdSense monetization you will get ads to display on your videos and you can make money on YouTube monthly based on your work.

How to get more Subscribers and Views on YouTube?

How To Create a Best Videos for YouTube?

The Complete YouTube Channel Guide

Follow these Simple Steps get Good Result. Hope You Will Get Good Information.

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