How to fix No Signal on Monitor When CPU still On?

How to fix No Signal on Monitor When CPU still On?

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How to Fix No Signal on Monitor.

How to fix No signal on monitor

Desktop Power supply section topic now here,  the most confusing and regular problem in Desktop computers is NO SIGNAL on your monitor but your monitor is still ON but it is receiving the signal from your CPU.

When some time it looks like the computer is gone. its not starting now. then how to fix no signal on monitor is it Easy to fix?. 

Why my Monitor is Showing Error Message?

If the CPU will gives you the signal to your monitor it will shown on your Monitor, but if any Issues on your CPU then it will be not receiving any Signal from CPU then it will shown on your Monitor like.


Then How to FIX

Step 1 

If your Monitor Will Shown No signal then Open your CPU and Clean it from Dust.

Step 2 

Remove the RAM (Random Access Memory) Card and Clean it from the Dust, and Re Insert.

Step 3

Remove the Battery Shell on your Motherboard and clean it from the Dust and Reinstall.

Step 4

Remove the Monitor to CPU adapter cable, Clean it from the Dust.

then turn on your Computer it will be Getting the Signal from the CPU. 

Most of the Monitor NO SIGNAL Error,  will solve from these Process Surely.


If its not Working the get the new Adapter cable, the mistake is in on your cable is broken and some teeth on cable will broken.




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