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How to Earn Money With | AskMeAsha

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Hey, Welcome to Ask Me Asha Blog.

Hello, Welcome to Our Most Trending content of Make Money Online Without any Investment, Means Create a blog Free on  and Earn Money With Blogger.

It’s True,  Earn Money as a Blogger without investing any money.

Blogger is the Best Way to make free websites and create a blog.

In blogger you can Create unlimited blogs there is no limit to Create pages. it’s free to use and free to create a blog. you need at least on Google account.

Blogger is a Google product. one of the popular product to create a free blog in worldwide.

Earn Money With

There are many opportunities to make money online in a blogger, by creating article and blogs. become a blogger is not a bad idea it’s the Way to make more popular and make richer in Future if you work hard. but focus on your work and niche of your blog.

How to start

Blogger Sign in

Sign in to your Google account and go to It will Automatically be Signed up.

to sign in blogger you need a google account, if you have google account it will be redirected with your account and automatically created your account.

Create a Blogger Account

After sign in you need to create a blog On clicking the


the button you will create a blog and select the theme of your blog

Create a Blog

To create a blog Provide some details like:

Title: It’s the title of the Blog you have shown on the webpage.

Address: Url of the Blog you have created. Your URL Address will be shown as last will be in the name of

for ex:

If you are creating free Blogger you can get in the end

Now you can Buy the Custom Domain name for your Blogger.

What are the USes of Custom Domain?

Custom Domain Address Looks Officially to Call the Address like,,

and the Main thing is custom domain is best to get more Noticeable on Search Engines, and Getting Rank for your Domain name.

If you are using custom Domain your Adsense account will be Approved Fast for Custom Domain.

How to buy Custom Domain on

Sign in to >>Settings >> Custom Domain and click on the button.

select your Domain and Buy Domain name.

Custom Domain

Best Viewer Growing Tools

Select your theme of the blogger you want to publish your blog to look and impress your visitors. There are so many themes that are offered by the blogger as free to use and easy to edit in blogger.

Choose Unique Blog Name

Blog Name means web URL name like but in blogger, your URL name will show end with (

Write content on blog

Add Content on Blogger

Write your article or blog in this section using HTML and normal words also.

How many Posts that Need to Get Noticed on Search Engines?

There are no specified Numbers that need to Getting Ranking on Search Engines, but Regular Blogging is helping to get ranking on Search Engines.

What are the best tips to create a perfect Posts?

There are some tips that make your Post perfects are

  1. Make post is Fresh content.
  2. Write your own words not to steal from other sites.
  3. Write at least 1500 words Articles.
  4. Do Regular Updates on Blogging
  5. Add Rich Royalty Images on Posts.
  6. Make blog as officially look.
  7. Add Contact us page.
  8. Choose a Better theme.

Earn Money With Blogger

Submit your blog to Google Adsense

Earn money with blogger

What is Google Adsense? 

How Can I Approved Google Adsense for Blogspots?

Make money on your blog you need to submit your blog to Google Adsense and publish provided ads in your blog and earn money in Blogger.

you can submit your application to Google Adsense in blogger. by clicking the link on Earning Link on the right side of the dashboard of the blogger.

After complete the Submission of Adsense Account. It will take some 2 to 3 Days to Review Your Blogger. Wait for 2 to 3 Days to get Approval.

To get the Adsense approval Google Adsense Fast. Write own Some genuine Articles and Post at least Some 20 to 30 Posts in Your Blogger.

How to Make Money in Video Guide. The Complete Step by Step.

Follow these Simple Steps get Good Result. Hope You Will Get Good Information.

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