Clixsense review :Earn  Money In Clixsense

Clixsense review :Earn Money In Clixsense

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Hi Welcome Ask ME Asha Blog. Today Best Topic is Earn Money With Clixsense.

There are so many option to Earn Money online, the comman way is GPT websites provides us a various opportunities like online paid surveys Tasks and much more tasks of the days providing day by day.

When we search like those websites we can see the plenty of websites are shown to make passive income.

Today i will show you the Legit sites to Earn Passive income is ClixSense(ySense).

How to start Earn Money passive i will show you step by step.

Clixsense(ySense) : Beginners Guide..

1. First you First sign up Clixsense.


>> Join Clixsense Today <<


After completing the sign up process a confirmation link mail has been sent to your provided email address, you must confirm the email address via click the confirmation button on your mail recieved by clixsense.

After completing the confirmation it will redirected to login page, after successful login it will ask to provide your basic information to completing the profile.

Proof Payment

On the dashboard Page, you see some links like Paid

  • Paid Surveys
  • Cash Offers
  • Figure Eight Tasks
  • Referrals

Daily Works

Paid surveys.

There are Two types of paid surveys in clixsense there are

1. Survey Invites

2. Daily Survey Routers

In Paid survey you can get daily Some surveys to complete the surveys, if you successfully comopleted the survey you will get the reward or get paid for the completion of survey,


Surveys Invites.

In survey invites you will see the links of the survey and reward of the surveys. first you need small survey to participate the survey of your profile, you need to give your Deatils like Job, age, hobbies must provide them accurate information to them.

Each survey give you minimum of $0.25 to $3 and more if you spent more time in this site you will get more prices of surveys.

Atleast you must login two times and complete some surveys. there is no time limit. daily surveys are changes as a day by day.

Daily survey router

Daily survey routers are surveys where you can attempt surveys unlimited times per day. some surveys allow only once a day, and some will higher in limit.

Paid Surveys

Different Cash Offers

There are some different cash offers in clixsense, you can Earn in cash offers. the cash offer is different types of website and different types of offers like get paid to signup, get paid to download the apps or software.

There are 6 more different types of offers from different companies, the companies paid cents, the clixsense will converted to dollors

Cash Offers

Complete Tasks (Figure Eight)

The another way to Earn Money in clixsense is to complete the given tasks from Figure eight.


it will ask you to signup at Figure Eight site. You can then complete the all the tasks provided by this company in ClixSense.

Affliate Program in Clixsense

The another good way to make extra Money from clixsense is affliate link in clixsense.
If you share your clixsense affliate link, and your friend will signup with your affliate links you will recieve the commision.

Signup Commision

Signup Commision

1. For each referral that becomes actice you will Earn a sign up commission of $0.10 to $0.30
2. Once your referral Earn their first $5.00 you will Earn an extra $2.00 bonus. 3. for every approved survey or offer and task your referals complete you Earn 30% commision of that they Earn.

Refer 10 Persons Weekly your refer Earn $20.

$20 X (30/100)= $6 X 10 referral = $60X Rs. 65.00 (INR 3900.00 )

INR 3,900.00 X 4 Weeks = 15,600 INR Per Month.(Not a Bad income.)

If you Work Smart Way you will Earn 50,000.00INR Per Month Surely

Follow these Simple Steps get Good Result. Hope You Will Get Good Information.

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