How to Delete Instagram Account

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Instagram the most popular app to use and become public figure on internet.

Now instagram is most usable app for youths.

So many celebrities are also following to love spend time with Instagram.

Its very easy to join Instagram. Download the app from playstore if you are using Android phones, then appstore foe iPhone users.

How to join Instagram?

There are so many ways to signup to Instagram Account.

You can join with Facebook Accout, Google Accounts, and another Emai Ids.

You join with your Mobile phone Number also.

If you are join with Facebook account all of the facebook data will be imported like,

1. Profile photo

2. Personnel Data

3. Friends list suggestion

4. Mobile number

Every thing need to sign up to Instagram.

Its easy way to join Instagram Account.

Its free version to use.

The most curiositic point and most searchable content for instagram is Delete Instagram Account.

Ther are two types of Deletion of Instagram account

1. Temporary Disable Account

2. Permanent Delete Account

What happens about my Data when Delete Instagram Account?

If you are Temprorly Disabling your account your data will be safe and secure, there is nothing happens to your data.

If you Delete Permanently, your Data will be Erased automatically, all your Data will be lossed.


How to Disable Temporary Instagram Account?

Step1 : Login to Instagram account  on your mobile phone

Step2 : click on Edit Profile and scroll down

step3: on right side you will see the temperorly Disable Account link

Step4 : Click on the link and enter password

It will Disable your Instagram Account Temprorly.

How to Delete Instagram Account permanently?

Delete Instagram Account steps are

Step1 : Login to Instagram Account

Step2 : Go to Settings and Delete Instagram Account Page

Step 3 Click the link on Delete Account Permanently

Step 4 Then Provide your Password for Verification.

Then ot will Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently.




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