Best Ways to Create a Website – 4 Simple Steps to Start A Blog

Best Ways to Create a Website – 4 Simple Steps to Start A Blog

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Hey, Welcome to | Ask Me Asha | Blog. Today I will Learn How to Start a Blog. and Very Simple 4 Steps to Make a Website.

To Start with a blog, No Any Rules and No Need any Certificate from any institute.

Its Knowledge Spread like a Air.

Today I have Shared the New Post About, The Trending content for beginners, This blog post consists of the complete Guide for How to Create  a Website and Best Tools for Build Website in simple Methods. Step by step Guide.

Everyone Want to create a Website for his Business, Brand website, Personal, Tutor website, but They don’t have an idea to HOW TO START A BLOG ?

Feeling Helplessness, No Need To Worry, We are here to get New Ideas to Build best Website for your Business and become a Blogger

How to Start A Blog ?

There are some requirement to Start a Blog, needed Steps are,

  • Buy Domain Name and Web Hosting
  • Create a website
  • Add your Contents
  • Publish Your Website

To start a blog, you must decide the Niche of the blog, Don’t experiment when you are in starting a new one in blogger. otherwise too long time to take success.

1. Buy Domain Name and Web Hosting

To start a website first you need the Domain Name and Web Hosting. These Two are the Main Needed Requirements for Create a Website.

Domain Name

The web address of the website is called Domain Name.

for and

To become a blogger choose your Domain name as related to your Niche and SEO Friendly.

The better way to improve your Site is Keyword in Domain is Great Job in Choosing Domain Name.

Web Hositng

 to store the files of your website is called Web Hosting to Connect your website to Web world.

Web hosting is not Only Storage like Godown.

You choose a better Hosting Services and a good Services.

and better Speed in Server.

and the Main Point is the Customer support is more important in Hosting Services.

There are so many Web hosting Services are there Some of them have different Properties.

Some of the Best Web Hosting Services ?

Where to Register Domain Name and Web Hosting?

There are so many service providers to purchase Domain name and Web Hosting.

And Many others web services providers are there to start price with $1 to $5.5 in starting plan.

Start a Blog

Price : Starting at 199/ month

BlueHost Web Hosting


  • Easy to use
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • WordPress made easy, introducing wp pro
  • 24 x 7 Chat Support.
  • Free SSL Certificate included.

Hosting Plans

    • Shared Hosting

Rs.199/month, For New website and new bloggers.

    • VPS hosting

Rs.1159/month,Power,control, and Great plan for run heavy traffic websites

    • Dedicated

Rs.4859/month, Highly securities, Great for high traffic sites

To start a Beginner blogger, Basic Plan will be the  better plan offered by Bluehost.

if you are more experienced in Blogging you can buy standard or premium.

Bluehost Web Hosting is the best and popular for WordPress websites.

Is Bluhost Services providing a Better performance?

Get reviews and choose a better performance service and buy Domain name and Web hosting.

Buy Domain name and Web Hosting on Bluehost

Fill Account Details

After Choosing Domain name and Web hosting plan,

The Page will be redirected to Signup Page for create a Account on Bluehost.

you need to sign up and provide your profile details like Name, Email,  Mobile Number, address etc

Complete your sign Up account and Get verified by confirming a Verification Email by Providing Email Address.

After completion of Creating Account, you will redirected to Cart.

Pay and get Details of Login to control Plesk

After completed the profile and sign up you need to pay the amount of Web hosting and domain name charges offered by company.

Based on your Selected Plan and selected features.

Payment Method

There are several payment Methods to pay the Invoice. Like

Online Payment : You Can Pay through Debit card, Credit Card, NetBanking, and other UPI Payments.

If you pay through online payment you will recieve the Details of the Control Plesk Panel within a Minutes.

Offline Payment : You will get the Bank Details of the Service Provider, and you can Pay through by cash to go to bank and deposit the specified amount of your plan.

On completion of payment, Receipt of the payment will send to Support center to confirm your payment via Email with scanned receipt.

after completion payment within a minute you will receive the mail of Details of Login to control panel with password.

2.Create a  website

If you have knowledge of some Web Designing you can buy the themes or Download the free themes by online and make edit and Create a website as your content.

To Start to build  website you Must Create as SEO Friendly Site to Get Early in Search Engine front page on Google Search Engine and Mobile Friendly Site.

If you don’t have a knowledge you need to install WordPress. Its easy to create a website with free themes.

What Is WordPress ? How it Works?

How to Install WordPress in Control Panel

Watch This Video …

Install WordPress on Your Plesk Panel with One click installation and create a Website with WordPress Very Quickly.

WordPress is the Best Way to Create a Website in Faster.

WordPress is become the popular Website builder Tool.

There are lots of free theme in word press and easy to Edit and create a website with in a day.

52% of website builders are using WordPress to create a website.

I have also Build my website in a wordpress, and WordPress is my best tool to create a website.

There are so many user friendly features are in WordPress.

3. Add your contents

Create at least 15 to 30 pages to become a good website. you need to create a content about your Niche.

What are the Best Niche to Create A Blog?

there are some tools to Get Ideas of  a content,

Google Trends

Google Trends

Google Trends uses to get Ideas to create content by trending on google search, you can create a content on basis of trending Searches in Google Search Engine.

This is the best tool to create content and get more visitors to your website.


SEMRush is the Popular SEO Keyword Research Tool now. Here you can get so many features like Getting Content ideas, keyword planning, site performance.

Here you can get the Ideas of the Content to create a articles.


The best way to get a New Contents to your Website. there so many posts are updating in Buzzsumo daily.

You will get the IDeas of content to create a website.


Paid Articles help to buy content on your Niche, You can buy the Article and post on your Website.

4. Publish your Website

After completing a create a website you can login your Web Hosting service and store your file and publish your website.

To get More traffic to Your Website, After Publish Post Share your Websites on Social Media.

Social Media is One of the strongest Way to Get More Traffic to Your Website.

Publish your website on other Search Engine Directories.

The popular Search Engine is Google Search Engine.

So First Submit your Website on Google Search Engine

On above link you will get how to submit URL on google by step by step.

Submit and get listed in Google Search Engine.

And other some search Engines are there like, yandex, yahoo search engine, Bing Search are also a famous search engines that help to get more visitors for your websites.

get Submit your Website to yandex search engine, in now days So many peoples are using the Yandex search engine.

so this is the main point of your Blogging carrier.

Some better ways to submit your Website are

  1. Google Search Engine
  2. Yahoo search
  3. Bing Serach
  4. Yandex search
  5. Get Verified on Pinterest

Pinterest is also a better way to get more backlinks to your blog

How to get verified on Pinterest?

Here you will get the basic information about how to create a website and how to Promote your website on different ways.

If you are become a Successful Blogger, Atleast post 1 Blog post Per Week to gain More Visitors.

Follow these Simple Steps get Good Result. Hope You Will Get Good Information.

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