How to Create A Blog and Making Money – Tools for Blogging

How to Create A Blog and Making Money – Tools for Blogging

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Welcome To ASKMEASHA Blog.

How to Create a Blog and Make Money Online.

Here are the Some tools you need, How to create a blog and making money online. creating a blog is easy, but Creating a Perfect SEO Friendly blog is not an easy as you think.

There are Thousands of Blogs are creating and so many people are making the website to become his carrier on the Internet world.

But all are not so popular.

Because of some mistakes.


So need to get some tools from different companies they are offered and getting good results.

Some Best Tools and Step by step How to Create a blog

Step 1.

Choose the Best Niche for your Website.

Choose a Niche for your Site, it will get ideas when you are the research.

first, think about what you are in the best. then Choose your Best topic to explain who want to share on online.

If you are interested in cooking, Make a website about Cooking the food in simple steps and Interesting Facts.

Cooking blog

Some of the best niches for your New Blog?

The niche of the blog will give you Quality of your Blog.

Choosing a Niche is Very important. but understand the Niche is Very Important.

If you are master on that, pick that Niche otherwise doesn’t Make any Experiment. once a customer will catch you, you are half knowledge in this content, They will never come again.


Step 2

Best place to Buy a Domain name and Web Hosting

There are so many companies that to host your website, Choose the better one that suitable for you and faster in hosting.

Buy Web Hosting in Bluehost


Bluehost is the best web hosting service to host your website in User-friendly control panel Plesk. Here you will get better speed and better performance to your website.

Fill Account Details


After Choosing a Domain name and Web hosting plan,

The Page will be redirected to Signup Page to create an Account on Bluehost.

you need to sign up and provide your profile details like Name, Email,  Mobile Number, address etc

Complete your sign Up account and Get verified by confirming a Verification Email by Providing Email Address.

After completion of Creating Account, you will be redirected to Cart.

Pay and get Details of Login to control Plesk

After completing the profile and sign up you need to pay the amount of Web hosting and domain name charges offered by the company.

Based on your Selected Plan and selected features.

Payment Method

There are several payment methods to pay the Invoice. Like

Online Payment: You Can Pay through Debit card, Credit Card, NetBanking, and other UPI Payments.

If you pay through online payment you will receive the Details of the Control Plesk Panel within a Minutes.

Offline Payment: You will get the Bank Details of the Service Provider, and you can Pay through by cash to go to the bank and deposit the specified amount of your plan.

On completion of payment, Receipt of the payment will send to the Support centre to confirm your payment via Email with scanned receipt.

after complete payment confirmation within hours, you will get the Plesk details with login Username and password to Specified Email Address.

Then you are Ready to Host your Website on Bluehost.

The Best Affordable Webhosting Services in India?

If you want to host a free Blogs. you need to sign up

How to Make Money with Blogger?

How to Get Google Adsense Approval on Blogspots?

To get noticed on blogger you need to more time on the Internet.

My Advice is Paid hosting and Creating an own blog is the best way to Make Good Blog and Make money online.

If you have Own Space and Domain Name, you have the full authorities to make a Profitable Blog.

On Blogger you have some Limitations on Blogging.


Step 3

Build a Website on WordPress

WordPress The best way to build your Website in easy steps.

WordPress gives thousands of Free themes to edit and Make a Website beautiful and responsive.

Is WordPress Free to use?

WordPress is Free to install on your control Plesk Panel. You need to install the WordPress on OneClick installation on software section.

How to install WordPress on Plesk panel?

Install WordPress and build your website.

How to Create a website in WordPress?

Go to your Control panel install WordPress in one-click installation on your Plesk

Choose Theme:

On completing Installation you need to choose your Theme Suitable for your Blog and Topic.

As I Using the Theme OceanWP theme I am using for blogging.

How to Change a Theme of your WordPress Website?

Start Making Post writing and Make your website Easier.

Some of the Best Plugins for Make Website on WordPress?

  1. Elementor: Used to Build your Pages and Posts with an Advanced Page Builder.
  2. Yoast: The best On-page Search Engine Optimization Tools for WordPress.
  3. WordPress Classic Editor : Create a Post with Easy ways.
  4. Sassy Social Share:  Making Easy to Social share Buttons ti o your Blog.
  5. Elementor Kit: Another some Extra Features for Addon to Page Builder.
  6. WP-Optimize: Easy way to Optimize your Website to get your Page load Faster.
  7. Popup Builder: Better way o Get Subscribers to return Visitors for your Website.

These Plugins are very helpful to make your Blog better and Easy to create Official Website.


Step 4

Focus on your SEO Content with plugins and other tools

Focus on your SEO.

To create a website is very Easy but create the best SEO content is not easy, it will take so many days to meet better performance.

but some of the tools make you better feel on the website to become an early good experience.

for Search Engine Optimization


SEMRush is the best way to make your website with a Better SEO Experience. you can get here

  1. keyword Research
  2. Content Research
  3. Onpage SEO ideas
  4. Site Health
  5. Position of your Website
  6. Site Audit
  7. On-page SEO IDeas
  8. Link Building
  9. Backlink Analysis

and many more in one tool. once you use this tool you will get early on Google Frontpage and getting a good ranking on Search Engines.

Try the 14 day Free Trial Version of SEMRush.

Try this Tool for more updating on your Blog, SEMRush Will gives you better performance and Help to get good ranking on search Engines.

How to use SEMRush?

Best SEO Tool for WordPress

Yoast SEO Tool

Yoast is the topmost SEO tool for WordPress Website. Yoast is the best on-page SEO Tool.

use this Plugin to create an SEO Friendly content,

What are the uses Yoast Plugin?

Yoast plugin Helps to Create On-Page Seo Techniques.

  1. Adding Keywords: Suggests to Add the Focus Keywords to your post to get Focus your post with one key letter, Suggesting Add the Keywords in different Places Like Meta Description, Slug, Title, and Body Sections.
  2. Adding an Inbound Links: Internal Post links to one to another post, its help to get Adding Plus point on Search Engine Noticeable
  3. Adding Outlinks: Adding Outer webpage Links to your Posts.
  4.  Enough Words on your Posts.
  5. Keyword density

How to Use the Yoast Plugin?

Yoast SEO is in Free Version and also a Paid Versions

In Free Versions, you can Add only one Keyphrase for your Posts.

In Paid Versions is called Pro Version, You can add more Keywords for your Posts.


RankMath SEO:

Rank Math SEO Plugin is also the best SEO tools for WordPress website. here you can add 5 Keyword for your Every post.

Some best Plus Points of RankMath

  1. One-Click To Import Your Data From Yoast And All In One Plugin.
  2.  Add 5 Keyphrase In A Posts
  3. Better Experience
  4. Getting The Keyword Density
  5. Images SEO
  6. Content Readability
  7. Title Optimization

Recently I am using this plugin and satisfied customer.

Table of content

Table of content is the best plugin for SEO also. it will divide your content by table using header tags like

This Plugin Will Help To Add Jumplinks In Google Search Results.

Easy To Find The Content On Starting Of The Post.

Easy To Jump The Content Without Scrolling.


Step 5 

Make Attractive with Rich Images, how to create a blog Attractive.

Make your Website with Attractive with a Rich and Royalty Images.

Some of the website and companies will give you Free Royalty Images for Blogging.

 1. Pixabay :

Contains 2 Million Free Royalty Images.

2. Unsplash

Here You Will Get Over 1.5M High-Resolution Images For Free To Use.

3. Pexels

Pixel Consists Of Over 15000 And More Free Stock Images For Free To Use.

And many more websites will give you free Images.

How to create an Attractive Website?

Steps 6

Get Traffic to Your Website by share on Social Media

Social media is the best way to get more traffic to your website and get socialize. On Social Media You will get Ideas fo how to create a blog if you are a beginner.

here you will get free traffic from Social Media Networks.

Some of my Favorite Social media Networks are

Facebook (Facebook Page): Create your Official Website Fanpage for your Website and update your Daily website posts.

Facebook will give you unlimited Traffic and New Visitors to your blog. But Stay updated on your Facebook Page.

Twitter: share the post using twitter cards. Twitter the best social media app that gets make you viral your posts.

Here you will get Genuine Visitors for your blog.

Pinterest: pin you Images on Pinterest its the best way to get more traffic, the best way to get more backlinks to your blog.

Claim your Website on Pinterest and make daily updates on your Pinterest account.

How to Verify or Claim your website on Pinterest?

Connect your RSS feed On Pinterest for Automatic updates on your Pinterest account.

YouTube: Make your Niche Video and Upload your Videos on Youtube will the best way to get more visitors to your website.

How to create Perfect Youtube channel?

LinkedIn: Another way to bring the Customers to your Website with a huge fan.

Instagram: Just upload your Website images on your Instagram, Mention your Website name, it’s a very big worthful for your website traffic.

Reddit: Reddit the front page of the internet, here you can get huge fans and traffic. just regular update on Reddit

Tumbler: the best way to popular your post and get impress abroad visitors.

Quora: The Mind-blowing way to get more traffic to your blog. by Answering the questions. Never miss the chance to get free backlink traffic to your website.

This Social Media Network will give you more traffic to your Website with a huge Response.

Step 6 

Research for Trending content and Become daily updater

To get good Ranking on your Website you must be a Daily update on your Website. Post at least 10  on a month.

What to write? how to get content?

There are some ways to get good content and good Trending topics to create content

BuzzSumo: The Best Way to get Trending Content and Write on it.

Quora: You will the content on Questions sections. so many people want to know the solve his problems, whatever based on tech or entertainment, gadgets anything.

here you will get the best content Ideas,

How to get IDeas from Quora?

You will get the Ideas from Quora on Questions sections, people are asking the questions that want to know about.

Write on that topic that most of the people are asking the questions.

Google Trends: Here you will get trending searches on Google, then you will know what is trending on Google and other searches,

it’s the best way to get ideas to content.

How to know trending searches on Google?

SEMRush: Here also you will get the content ideas for Write a Post.

Step 7

Monetize your Website with Adsense

Now we are discussed how to create a blog and some better blogging tools.

now, we can discuss making money on blogging.

Then how to make money on blogging?

It’s not Easy to make money on online earlier, you can wait for a long ago.

How to make money online by blogging?

There are so many ways to make money online, these are the steps

If your Blog is not more than popular

Monetization with Advertising Companies. some of the best advertising companies are

  1. Google Adsense
  3. Propeller Ads
  4. Infolinks
  5. Adversal
  6. Viglinks

Google Adsense

Monetize your website with Google Adsense. get approval for your website and post the ads on Your website and earn money online with huge income.

How much Minimum Payout?

Minimum Payout is $100.

Payout Daily or weekly or monthly?

Payout once in a Month.

Payout Options?

2 or more Years back we can receive the Cheque from Adsense Team, now the payment option has been changed to Bank Transfer.

How to create a Google Adsense account?

Google Adsense is the best and genuine way to make money on blogging. is another way to place the Advertising on your blog and make money by clicking genuine clicks on Ads.

How much Minimum Payout?

Minimum Payout is $100.

Payout Daily or weekly or monthly?

Payout once in a Month.

Payout Options?

Paypal and Wire transfer.

Propeller Ads.

Propeller Ads is also Ad networking companies with various Ads types.

How much Minimum Payout?

Minimum Payout is $25.

Payout Daily or weekly or monthly?

Payout when reaching Minimum payout

Payout Options?

So many payment options like Payoneer, PayPal and many more options.


Adversal is Ad Networking Companie that has huge signup conditions, Then blog must visitors of 50000 clicks on one month.

How much Minimum Payout?

Minimum Payout is $20.

Payout Daily or weekly or monthly?

Monthly Payout

Payout Options?

Paypal, Wiretransfer.


Viglinks is an Affiliate link Ads networking company.

How much Minimum Payout?

Minimum Payout is $10.

Payout Daily or weekly or monthly?

Monthly Payout

Payout Options?

Paypal, Wiretransfer.

This information will give you to How to create a blog and make money online by monetizing your website with Advertising Companies.

There are some other ways to make money online. They are

  1. Affiliate Marketing on Blog
  2. E-books Writing and Selling on it.
  3. Online courses.
  4. Freelancing Blogs.
  5. Photography Blogs, sell your Photos with Suitable Prices.

In this method is also a better way to make money.

Affiliate Marketing on Blog.

The Best way to make money is affiliate marketing, there are so many Affiliate Networking Sites to sign up and share the affiliate Links on Your Blog, and get paid to Affiliate commisions.

The Best Affiliate Programs are

  1. Amazon Affiliate Program
  2. Share a sale
  3. CJ (commission junction)
  4. Flipkart Affiliate

and many more Affiliate Programs for Make Enough Money.


Another way is Write E-books and Sell on online for suitable price on your E-books.

E-books is in the format fo PDF File, you must write the PDF File and Sell it on.

The best Platform to Sell you E-book

  1. Gumroad

Online Courses

Make Online Course Campaign on interenet Education. In Now day it’s the most Running Business on Internet.

Photography Blogs

If you are photographer Make a Online Image Store Blog and Sell your Photos on Your Blog for Best Prices for your Photos.

Thanks for the Reading the Articles if you like Comment Below.

Follow these Simple Steps get Good Result. Hope You Will Get Good Information.

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Hey Welcome, Blogging is My Passion, I can share all knowledge about How to become a successful blogger. Grow your Knowledge with a Simple Words with lots of Meaningful Works.

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