How to Change Camtasia Video Quality to HD

How to Change Camtasia Video Quality to HD

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Today I will show you how to change the video quality on camtasia studio captured on your screen.

Camtasia is one of the best videos recordings and best video Editing software for Youtube Creators.

How to Change Camtasia Video Quality to HD?

In Camtasia Studio 7 you can capture the Screen Record you will capture with high quality.

But, when you Edit your Video and Rendering the project you will get only 50% of Quality of Video you will get.

for example you check the Screen shot of after rendering the project.

On above Screen shot Video quality is only 51% . then your quality of the video will be decreased by camtasia.

Then how to fix?

Lets change the setting of video quality 51% to 100% for higher quality videos.

Change video quality on Camtasia

Change Video Quality on Camtasia Studio 7.

To change the quality of the video record your video and edit your video as you like by adding some effects.

click on the button Produce and share

produce and share

On clicking the button produce and share button you will get the Page that what type of video you want to render your video like HD, MP4, Ipod, iphone, web.

select preset

you can select the Add/Edit Preset and click the button.

on clicking the button you will get the list of video types like

Edit control

Click on drag drop link and select HD and click the button Edit.

Then you open page that Edit your control for setting


You will get one small video player shown on the page and bottom on the video player you will get one  link like controls button.

Click on the button on controls

change quality

On clicking the control button, open page that edit the quality

  1. Click on Video tab
  2. Drag the Quality of the video
  3. set 100%

1. click the button OK button on bottom of the page.

2.  then click the button next.

3. Then Finish button

Then render you video .

after Rendering the video you will get the result.


Then your video will be on HD with a 100$ quality.

The size of the video will be little bigger and if you Want a HD Video it will takes some little space.

hope you can understand. if doesn’t

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How to Change Camtasia Video Quality to HD

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