Best 5 Tips to Become a YouTuber : Success Tips for Video Blogging

Best 5 Tips to Become a YouTuber : Success Tips for Video Blogging

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Hey, Welcome to Ask Me Asha Blog, Today we are Discussing About How to Become a YouTuber and How to Become a Popular Creator.

Become a YouTuber is the best choice for vlogging future. There are so many youTubers struggling to become popular youTuber, and they become success too.

YouTube one of the most viewed website in the world, youTube become the first video platform for all like Entertainment, tutors, Education,and many others.

How to Create a Perfect Youtube Channel

Get More Views and Subscribers on YouTube

To become a  youTuber you need to start with a good Niche. Understand the Trending in YouTube with a Season Wise.

So many Creators are making money with his videos by monetising his Videos. and they are getting good income in youTube journey.

If you can Work hard you can get good income and better life in youTube journey.

How to become a YouTuber?

There is no option to become a popular creator, but You need to Create good content videos with good quality, and have some patience to become noticed on youtube.

So Many Popular Creators are struggle starting like 6 to 9 Months very hard to grow YouTube Channel.

If You Discontinue the Youtube Activities, You will become Failure, All will be Waste of Time you Spend in YouTube.

So, To become A Noticed on YouTube Always Keep In Touch with YouTube Activities Daily or Weekly Two Times.

What to do daily on Youtube channel to become a Popular Creator?

Youtube has No Limits for uploading Videos, No Minimal Target. Some of the Creators has only 12 to 22 Videos only, and they are Earning Millions.

They are always doing Activities in Youtube Channel and Promoting them Video on other Social Media activities.

Some Of the Best Activities Doing daily or Weekly in YouTubes are..

    1. Commenting on Other Creator Videos.

Commenting On other video will help to get more noticed on your activities, and other visitors will get impressions on your Positive Comments.

50% of Visitors will Check the Comments on YouTube for Others Opinions.

If Your Comment is suitable for the Video and Positive way, The Viewers will Visit your Channel.

      1. Discuss with your Subscribers.

    The Most Promisable way to get more impressions by your Subscribers is Discuss with your Subscribers In Discuss section on your YouTube Channel.

    1. Updating a New Tags to Your Videos

Do research more Tags for your Videos and Update In a Week by preformance.

If Your Video is Performing Very Well no need to Update your Tags.

Update your Videos that doesn’t get good response.

    1. Update your Video Discription

Description is the Main Part of the Video, some of the Visitors will check the Description for more Details of the Video or Links of the Video is mentioned.

In On page SEO the Put Some Keyword in Description, it will help you to get Noticable in Search Engine.

    1. Update your Title with Year Wise

Updating the Video Title is the Best way also to get more impressions.

Some of the creator will updates the Video Title in Yearly. His videos will uploaded in 2016, they are updated his Video next Year mentioning the Current Years.

    1. Self comment on your Own Videos.

As I Said About Comment above, It will help to Get Major Notice about You and Your Channel.

Provide Similar video topic in your Video Link on Commenting in Your Video. Like Upcoming Video, Same Topic Video, Part wise Videos.

    1. Upload Atleast 1 or 2 Video in Weekly

Consistancy is most Important in Video Blogging, Post 1 video’s in Weekly.

More Focus on your Quality, Never focus on your Quantity. If your channel has only 17 Videos with a Good Quality and good content it will become popular.

How to choose Good Content?

Choosing a Good content is based on your Knowledge.

1. If you are good Chef, create a videos of Food Product, Making of Food.

2. If you are a Artist, Make Art based Vidoe Tutors.

3. If you are a Good Dancer, Start a online Dance Tutor.

4. If you are Teacher, Start a Online Live Tutor.

              Good Content Is Comes From Good Knowledge….. (Ask Me Asha)

How to Create Good Videos ?

To Attract a Viewer to Videos You need to create a Good Quality of Videos.

Use a Good Cameras to Shoot Your Videos, and Edit your Videos With a Good Video Editing Software’s.

There are so many Full HD Cameras are there, Because High Resolution Videos are the Plus Point of Attract Visitors.

They can Revisit to watch and Sharing your Video to Others Watch Vidoes.

Everyone Creators Wants this. to become a Chain System.

Not Only a Good Resolution Videos, Your Video include a Good Effects also tip for a Good Videos.

Use Greater Effect on your Video Editing Software to your video to Attract more, because Visitors Impression will gives you good Result.

How to create Better Videos?

Become a Youtuber, not only in making a videos, focus on your Quality of your Videos.

In Now Days Create a 4K Videos Will be the More Searches in Youtube, So Create with a 4K Resolution Video is the Best Tip.

If your Quality of Video is high Resolution, It catch the Viewer Impression, Some of the Viewers want to See the Better Quality of Videos.

If You are Screen Recording Tutorial Video Blogger, you need to create High Resolutions Videos.

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