5 Ways to Boost Subs using Youtube Watermark Brand

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Today Discussion is to How to Add YouTube Watermark for videos.

Now you can Watch video you can get easily to find out how to add

Youtube Watermark is one best tool to get more subscribers from other websites. its free tool offered by YouTube.

This Tool will Help you to get more subscribers to your YouTube Channel

How to get More Subscribers to YouTube Channel?

What are the uses of Youtube Watermark?

Youtube Watermark is displayed when the play the video in right side bottom of the section.

you can add the image here to Subscribe your Channel

Some of the creators are put the image subscribe image in that section.

I am also put the image that look like

Youtube Watermark

Its the best way to call to action and best way to gain the subscribers.

its not a bad idea that Ask for subscribe to your Channel.

How to Add YouTube watermark?

If you are starting a new channel, you need to gain the subscribers to your Channel, and the best way to get easily the subscription.

If you Starting new channel you can add the image to your watermark.

To create a Youtube watermark in photoshop or corel draw

Some of the rules to create the Youtube Watermark

They are

  1. YouTube watermark support JPEG, PNG and GIF format images
  2. Youtube watermark Size of the image is 150 pixel X 150 Pixel only
  3. You can add image to specific Timings

Create a JPEF or PNG format Image in the size of 150X150 pixel.

Add the text you want like, you can add whatever.

like click here to subscribe, subscribe, click here, just click

After creating the image you can add image to YouTube.

How to Activate Youtube Watermark Brand?

Step 1 :

Sign in to Youtube account



and go to Youtube Studio.

Youtube studio is the Easy and best way to use all these tools

Youtube studio

On Dashboard of the YouTube studio you will see the Left side horizontal bar. click on the setting tools

Youtube Settings

And select channel link on the sidebar

click on Branding  link on top of the link, setting on channel

Choose your image you have been created , on clicking the choose image you will access the image.

Then you can check your video and you can see the youtube watermark brand on your video on bottom of the video.

take a look at screenshot

Youtube watermark brand

Now you can completed the process of add YouTube Watermark brand.


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