How can Approve the Google Adsense to My New Blog – Made Easy

How can Approve the Google Adsense to My New Blog – Made Easy

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Welcome to | Ask Me Asha | Blog. Today’s Topic is Google Adsense and Google Ads.

In this Article we can Discuss about How can I Get Approve the Google Adsense Account to New Websites and what are the requirement for the Google Adsense review team.

How To Start a With Google Adsense Account and Make Money Online?

  • Start A Blog With Best Niche
  • Build Your Website or Blog
  • Create Google Adsense Account
  • Get Google Adsense Account Approve Faster
  • Publish The Ads and Make Money with Google Adsense

This Post Covered Tips to Approve Google Adsense Faster, the Complete Google Adsense Guide Step By Step.

I have over 3 Sites Approved by Google Adsense Account for My Clients , they are Publishing Ads in his sites. On that Experience I Want to share you in this Blogpost.

How to get Approval Google Adsense

To get approval from Google Adsense is very difficult for beginners and easy for the experts, for the beginners you need to get attention about your webpages, review team want to get approve.

The some of the requirements Need to get  Adsense Approval are.

  1.  Fully Optimised Website
  2. Website consists atleast 15 to 20 Pages
  3. Need enough words in every single pages
  4. Website optimised with mobile Version
  5.  Never included Copyrighted Items
  6.  Not a Duplicated with other websites
  7.  With Officially looking template
  8.  No Unusual works promoting in website

Google Adsense is a Ad Networking based team, they need a Quality websites to publish their customer ads.

Fully Optimised Website

To get the approve the Adsense, you need to optimise your website, and your page must be in lightening speed loading, optimize Your Website Images to Load Faster.

Fast loading webpage will be the best impression to google search engine.

Website enough pages

For every website contains atleast 15 to 20 pages website is the best way to get approve fast. include Sitemap page for google search engine.

Need Enough Words

Pages consist atleast 1500 + words to become a good article. otherwise google review team will be rejected the approval submission, Like this reason

Mobile Version

One of the best and main thing is your website must be in mobile friendly site. so to submit request check your website is mobile friendly or not.

No Copyrighted Items

Google adsense team will rejected others copyrighted content or images. if you have a downloaded from other website and google images , must delete the images and create your own images with DTP softwares.

If you don’t have a knowledge of DTP Software, there some Online free images sites for free to use. you can download from that Sites.

Best Sites for download the Free images for bloggers ?

No Duplicated content

Your website contains new and unique contents, never Do copy paste with other sites, the adsense team will review these point first. so Write articles your own and unique.

With Officially looking template

Your website must be look like a officially to viewers and aligned with good designs, so Align your Webpage with good Structure.

No Unusual works promoting in website

Google Adsense Team will rejected sites like website is related for 18+ cotents, like sexual and harrasment contents.

Follow these points will get within 5 day you will get the Adsense approval mail to your email id.

Every website will fails in first attempt of Adsense Approval, but optimise your Website and Resubmit the Approval You Will Faster Approval.

Follow these Simple Steps get Good Result. Hope You Will Get Good Information.

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