Google Webmaster Tools –   Easy to Link Analytics And Google Search Console in 5 Min

Google Webmaster Tools – Easy to Link Analytics And Google Search Console in 5 Min

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Welcome to | Ask Me Asha | Blog. Today  Topic is about Google Webmaster Tools.

In This Blog Post, I have Shared How to Link Google Analytics to Google Search Console In Simple Steps With Images.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

Above Screen shot is the google Webmaster tools Home page.

Google Webmaster Tools,  Google Analytics is very helpful to know the how much visitors to our website and its show the regions of viewer visitors. google Analytics is very helpful to bloggers to know the Which is the most viral post on his website.

How To Connect ?

To Start With Google Search Console, You need to create Google Account.

All features

Connect to Google Search Console

Simple Steps to Connect

  • SignIn to Google Analytics and Create Account
  • Provide Details of Your Site
  • Get Tracking Code and Paste on Your Site
  • Get Verified
  • Link to Google Search Console in Settings

These are simple Steps to create and link to google anlytics to google search console.

Step-1 : SignIn Google Analytics and Create Account

google Analytics signIn

Go Google Analytics and Create Account in Google Analytics, Account consist of your Website Traffic data

Click here to Go Google Analytics

Navigation : Search on >> Google Anlaytics >> SignIn >> Admin >> Create Account.

Step-2 : Provide Deatails

On Clicking Create Account, There are Three steps to Complete the Creating account. They are

  • Account Setup
  • Measure of the property(Website or Android App)
  • Property Detail

Account Setup

In Account Set Section It will Ask some Details of Account name and some Recommended Requirements

Analytic Account Setup

What do you Want to Measure?

In this step you can see the two tabs

  1. Web
  2. Apps

If you are registered your website you can select Web, or you registered Android apps select Apps

Analytics account setup 2

Property Detail

In this Step you must provide the Accurate Details of

  1. Website Name   :     Name of your Website
  2. Website URL       :    URL Address of your Website.
  3. Category             :     Category of your Website.
  4. TimeZone           :     Your Region TimeZone

Analytics setup3

Provide Accurate detail of these Three Steps and click on Continue button, your Account has been created in Google Analytics.

Step-3 :Get Tracking Code

After completed the creating Account, Google analytics Generating a Tracking Code of your account. If you didn’t Add the tracking code, Google Analytics unable to verify and track your Website on Internet.

You must Put the code in your HTML Index page, between <Head>   </Head>.

Analytics Tracking Code

Step-4 : Link to Google Search console

How to Create Google Search Console Account?

Go to Google Search console and click the Setting button on Left Side bottom of the Main Page and Verify the Google Analytics Verification Button link.

Verification Succes

Navigation : Google Search console >> Settings >> Owner Verification >> Google Analytics (Click on verify)

These Simple Steps will help to Connect Google Analytics to Google Search Console.

Follow these Simple Steps get Good Result. Hope You Will Get Good Information.

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