3 Things You Need to Know About Thumbnails Today

3 Things You Need to Know About Thumbnails Today

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Today i will publish this article for my own experience about YouTube video thumbnails.

How to Make YouTube Thumbnails

The Most Plus point to get more views on YouTube is Thumbnails.

If your Video thumbnail is Effective and Eye catching thumbnail The viewer must click and visiting your Video.

so thumbnail is most important and most promising work on YouTube Journey.

The one of the best says is Thumbnail make you better performance in youtube journey.

Effective thumbnail will gives you the most best Impression to your Youtube channel.

So add a better thumbnail to your video.

What is the Size of the youtube Thumbnail?

For the standard size of the youtube channel videos. the image must be in the size of

  1. 1280 Pixle – width
  2. 720 Pixel –  height

What Image Format Supports the Youtube Thumbnails?

The best format use for Youtube for thumbnails

  1. JPEG
  2. PNG
  3. GIF

These image format will supports youtube thumbnails. Other formats are not supported.

Best Suggestion to Create Thumbnails

As my suggestion create a Official looked Thumbnails, like

  1. image must include your Brand or Channel logo to describe you very fast.
  2. Use Some interesting Texts on image
  3. Use eye catching image and background
  4. Background must be transparent (Make your text eye catching)
  5. Add some effects to your Text

Creation of image is tough to include all these items, to make good responsive you must include all these.

The best Way to Create Thumbnails?

The best way to create a youtube thumbnail is create some online thumbnail maker like


The best tool to create your Youtube online.

Here you can get some Ready created some templates of thumbnails and consists of better elements like

  1. Grids
  2. Shapes
  3. Frames
  4. Stickers
  5. charts
  6. Lines
  7. Duo avatar

and many more, elements to use to create image. some of the photos you can browse on photos section you will get free to use on youtube Thumbnails..

How to create a Thumbnails using canva?

Create thumbnail on canva go to webpage of Canva


Then you will get the Front page of the canva website, her you will get so many options to create a image for

Blogs, pinterest, youtube, twitter, facebook post, posts, banners, logo, presentations, Instagram stories, Resumes and many more options to create a effective images.



Canva Website is easy to use and make some banners and images for your digital marketing.

To start to create a Thumbnail, click on Create a Design button top right side of the Front page of the website.

on clicking the button you will get Dropdown with a Different options, click on youtube Thumbnail that dropdown menu.

Create a Design

Select the Youtube thumbnail on Dropdown menu and you will be redirected to the designer page.

On Designer page you will get different Options to create a Thumbanail like

Ready Template

Ready templates

Here you  can select the you liked the template and edit the image you want to some text and change and remove some element on you like.

Upload Image

upload image

In this section you can upload you own photos to add to your youtube thumbnail.


Free Photos

Here you will search the image for your keyword you like, on above screen shot i have searched youtube and i got so many photos to add thumbnails.



In this section you get some Avatars, lines, shapes and so may features to add to image.



In this Text Feature you have some Ready templates and manually designs.


Background section you will get so many Beautiful Backgrounds to add to your images.

Create a Thumbnail

step 1 : Go to youtube thumbnails designer

Step 2  : Add the best Background to your images suitable for your topic

 Step 3 : and click on to Text feature add one text element to your image

After adding the text specify to land the text by drag to set specific space in image,

Step 4 : Go to Elements  and select any element like based on your topic.

There are so many elements to add, select one you like.

Adding Elements

Now you are created the image. and you can download the image.

Step 5 :  Download you have created the Image on clicking the Download button on right side top


On clicking the download button you will set the format of the image like PNG,JPEG or any other.

Note:  youtube supports only JPEG and PNG

Now you have completed the creation of YouTube thumbnail.

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