Create A Videos for a YouTube – Ask Me Asha

Create A Videos for a YouTube – Ask Me Asha

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Hey, Welcome to | ASK ME ASHA | Blog.  How to Create a Videos for Youtube? How to Make a Perfect Video for Youtube? Best Tools for Make a Dynamic Videos for YouTube?

YouTube Video is Not a Filming and Uploading.

Make a Attractive in Video contents and adding Transitions, Effects and Many More.

This Blogpost I have shared some Useful Tips and Usefull Tools to Create Dynamic Video for YouTube to Impress the Viewers.

If the Viewers Impressed by Your Videos they can turn Viewers to Subscribers.

Creating a videos is art, its not a simple work, to create a greater video is need to take some time and Perfect tools, here you can get the better tools to create a video’s

Here you can Learn how to create a Videos, niches, and Best tools to create a YouTube Videos, and how to Create content.

In Youtube there millions of Videos will uploaded daily, So you can just Imagine How Much competition in YouTube Journey.

How to Create a Videos?

create a Video you need Basic Knowledge of E-commerce and creativeness in your content. because.

Good content comes from Good Knowledge, Knowledge is King – Ask Me Asha.

YouTube the best videos Platform, and become the one of the best Video marketing Tools for Business and creators.

So Many of Creator are become Settled well in YouTube Journey.

YouTube Journey will be good when you can create Accurate and Good content Videos, YouTube Will love you, if youTube loves you Visitors will loves you.

To Start with YouTube journey, Create YouTube Account and Create a Channel.

How to create a Youtube Account ? 

To attract more Visitors you need to create Good Quality in your Videos, Quality will be the best choice in youTube journey also to Get Good Ranking in YouTube also.

Creating a Best videos based on you Niche, There is some of the niche, Like Cooking or Entertainment like comic videos, Short videos, They need Better Tools are Equipments to create a good Videos,

Better tools are You need High Resolution Video Cameras, Good Lighting Equipments, and better Location, and mainly Best Video Editing Softwares including better Effects.

Some Better Video Tools.

      1. Video Camera

    For My Suggestion The Best Video Camera is Full HD Video Resolution with Fully Manually Operating system.

      1. Video Editing Software

    The Better and Top video Editing Softwares are.

Filmora Video Editing Software.

These Video Tools gives you better Good Videos, good Videos always Likeble

In Youtube All Good Quality video are not Viewabele or Trending. Youtube Visitors need Good Content. If Your Niche is Better your video will be More Noticed on Youtube.

5 Better Niches to Get More Noticed?

How to Add Effects to create a Videos?

Adding Effects on Videos On Video Editing Software,

Create a videos

Here You Can Add Intro on your Videos is the best Trick to Promote and More Impressions on Visitors. Don’t Add Long Intro on your Videos, it only duration of 6 sec to 10 sec only.

Add some Transition to your Videos, dont add more Transitions, Looking too Over.

Video Transitions

How To Create a Videos on Recording a Screen?

Creating a Video on recording your Computre Screen, You Must Download a Screen Recording Softwares. There are so many Screen recording software companies are Modified for creator.

Some of Softwares are including Video Editing Options also there, it will help to make Videos Faster in One Software.

The Best Screen Recoding and Video Editing Softwares are :

1. Camtasia


The one of the top Most Screen recording and Video Editing Software now. In Camtasia you can Record your Computer screen and Editing with Great Effects and and Transitions In Softwares.

It has a option to Upload your Recorder and Edited your video directly to Social Media and You can download your Edited Video to your PC.

Go To Download Page of Camtasia Software

2. Filmora Wondershare

Filmora is also Good Sounds on Video recording and Video Editing Software. Here you can Edit your video with Different Video Effects.

Download Filmora Wondershare Software

3. Adobe Premier Pro

Best Video Editing Software Developed by Adobe Systems, Adobe Products Always a Top Products Agreed Word.

Adobe Premier Pro

4. Bandicam


Bandicam is the now Leading Screen Recording Sofware. Here you can record Game and Video Player, and you can record webcam using HDMI Capture Device.

There is a Option to Edit your Video in Bandicam, but you can fist Download the Plugin of Bandicut

5. Open Shot


The Open Shot is a Video Editing Software, Its Very Easy Handle and User Friendly to Edit your Video and create and you can Upload to Youtube and Socia Media.

Open shot Software has a Better and Unique transitions and Effects to Add to your videos, to Make More Effective Videos.

Hope You Will Get Good Information.

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