LIKE vs SUBSCRIBE – Which one give better ranking on Youtube

LIKE vs SUBSCRIBE – Which one give better ranking on Youtube

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Welcome to Ask Me Asha Blog,

Today we will discuss the YouTube topic. The topic of YouTube Search engine Suggested Videos.

Which one will give you better ranking on YouTube search, Discuss about Like vs subscribe?


This Will Easy to say Subscribe for Everyone, but mine Ans is Wrong.

Subscribe is the alertness for your Subscriber to new updates and Discussions.

I get more subscribers How can take Ranking.

If your Video has better content, and impress the visitors, and share to another Visitors, the Search engine will suggest the video will get a chance to get more views.

If the content is better you will get a better result.

There is so many creators are getting millions of Subscribers and his video views will get only 10k to 20k Views.

What happens if he gets 1Millions subscribers.

If he gets 1 million subscribers every video will be getting 1 million views.

There are some different Algorithm in youtube search Engine and Suggested videos.

If Visitors like you Content and your Video will be passed to Featured content


The Best Answer is LIKE

Like vs Subscribe

Like, will get you better ranking on Search Engines.

YouTube search Engine Specially pick the video are featured video to Every visitors of YouTube on his regions.

If your Video will get 10 views instead of 6 to 7 Views you Video will be selected to suggested videos to other Visitors.

The one like button is equal to 1000 impressions to your videos.

How to Get more Like to your Video?

It’s Not Easy to get Likes to your video, because it’s depending upon the viewers, some of the viewers are giving the like to video if he impresses your video.

But some of them are leaving without any actions.

Simple tips to get Likes.

  1. Content should be better
  2. Create impressive effects on video
  3. Request to Like the Video

These will help you to get Like.

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