Amazon Affiliate Program Website Free Tools – Get more Customers on using 6 Tools.

Amazon Affiliate Program Website Free Tools – Get more Customers on using 6 Tools.

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Welcome to | Ask Me Asha | Blog. This Article is about Amazon Affiliate Program Website creating Tools for Free. Make Your Amazon Affiliate Program Website very Fast.

Know some Better Tools that Helps to Create Amazon Affiliate website Easy. Earn money With Amazon Associates.

Amazon Affiliate Program Tools

If You are a Beginner is Amazon Affiliate Program Website, you need to create a Amazon Associates Account.


Create a New Amazon Associate Website

How to Create Amazon Affiliate Website Using Blogger ?

Amazon Affiliate program is now one of the Top Affiliate Program to make Money online by work from home.

To Succeed in Affiliate program you need to have good Marketing knowledge.

Creating a blog and publishing the Affiliate links become not to way of earning money.

You need to create a engaging content and popular products to sell them with Ideatic reviews in your blog.

Why customer will buy only on your Blog?

Customers want more reviews about they want to buy the products.

for Eg: i want to buy Laptop. I want know more about the laptop, because i want to invest in once.

Turn Viewers into Customers

If a genuine customer want to know about products they will clarify about that product one or more sites.

if the customer visit your Site, your site has to ability to turn your viewers in to Customers.

So your blog will be attractive to viewer.

The viewer won’t let out without become customer.

Add some better tools to improve your website more attractive and usable to find other and related products. Search other products with your blog.

You must add several tools to need,  Viewer won’t go outside to find some more.

Amazon Affiliate Tools

Some of the best Tools to Create Affiliate website are

  • Amazon SiteStripe
  • Amazon Flash widgets
  • Amazon Link to any page
  • Link to Favorite destination
  • Amazon Search
  • Detail Page and Offer page

These are the best tools that make Website faster and better.

For Use the Tools you need to create your Amazon affiliate Program sign in and Use these all Tools get faster in your Creation.

Amazon Sitestripe

Adding Amazon Sitestrip is easy to get Affiliate link of the products. its very easy to use and more time saver Tool.

Amazon Affiliate Program

It can very useful in a creating a Amazon Affiliate blog. There is no need to long process to get the link of the products.

How to Add Amazon Sitestripe? You can Add Amazon Sitestripe on the Setting page of the Associate program.

Login to your Amazon Associate program and Go to setting page and click on to Tools on the Menus Dropdown you will get the Sitestripe options.

On click the Sitestrip Link, you will redirected to Sitestrip page, it’s been Disabled in first time. you need to Enable the Sitestrip by click the button

click to enable

It will automatically Enabled on your Amazon Account. Take a look at the Screenshot Page


How to Get the Code?

Go to the product on you Want to Get the Affiliate code to publish on your Website.

Go to the Product page and top of the page you will get sitestrip tools, it contains 3 options

get code

  • Text
  • Image
  • text and Image

1. Text : you will get the text link of the product. like URL of the product.

2. Image : this code you will get only Image Code of the Product. on clicking the image it will go to product of the page.

3. Text and Image : On this link you will the Both text and image Link Code.

For More Detailed to how to get activate Amazon Sitestrip Watch this Video

Watch Video Tutor

Amazon Flash Widget

In this tools you will Publish the SWF(Shockwave Flash File) File. This tools links will be best and look attractive the Visitors.

In Flash widget tools consists Two Types

  1. Carousel Widget
  2. Slideshow

In Carousel Widget you can add 4 to 8 Products in one widget, it can created with  spin in the Carousel widget

Slideshow you can add images from amazon and make it slideshow and set as specicfed size fit to your blog.

this tool is one of my favorite tool to Mention in top of the page in my blog.

You can add 4 or more Products on this widget and publish on your Blog.

Its animated flash video tools to impress the viewer to customer.

How to Add Flash Widget Tool

Login to Amazon associate and Go to Settings. on menu dropdown click the Flash widget link on drop down menu.

you will be redirected to page you want to edit and add products on flash widget.

On that page you will seen Search and add product you will search the product by typing the name of the product you want to publish the product.

Watch Video How to Create Flash Widget Tutor

Link to Any page

In this tool you access the page you want publish on your website.

If you want publish the mens shoes page you will get the link of the page.

If your Blog has a Limited Products, you can redirect to amazon any pages and you can redirected to bestseller page.

get the code and paste on your website.

On Clicking the Link your page will be redirected with the specified Page.

Watch Video Tutor

Amazon Search

You can add the Amazon Search on your Webpage to access the products unlimited.

In this Search page you will get only amazon products on serach result

It helps to get Easily to find the products

Watch Video Tutor

Link to your Favorite destination

In tool you Can set the Page you want to link.
for ex:If you niche is Cameras Affiliate Website. you can add Some Camera Affiliate Links and Set the link to direct to Amazon on Camera Section or pages.

How to set Favorite Destination Link

Watch this video

Detail page and Offer Page

There are two types that help for the visitors on the products details.

1. Detail page On Click the link of affiliate progarm link, if your product is setting is in Detail page, you Will Shown the product price and Deatils of the Product only like.

Deatil Page

2. Offer Page On this Page will show the Offers on that products and verieties.

Offer page

How to change Deatil Page to Offer listing Page?

Watch this Video

These Best Tools is very helpful to make Amazon Affiliate Program.

Follow these Simple Steps get Good Result. Hope You Will Get Good Information.

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