How Important is Your keyword to Your website ?

How Important is Your keyword to Your website ?

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Welcome to | Ask Me Asha | Blog. Today’s Blogpost Topic is to Add Keywords On WordPress website. Using Yoast Plugin.

To make better website or blog and get some good results on search engines must add some trending and popular keywords on your websote. Keywords helps to get noticed to your website and getting Ranking on Search Engines.

Add Keywords in WordPress

Yoast Plugin

Install yoast plugin into wordpress website.

Yoast Plugin

Yoast plugin is the best wordpress SEO Tool. Add plugin to wordpress adn activate plugin to your website.

and go to the post you want ot optimize with add keywords on wordpress website post.

And Dragdown the Bottom of the post you will get the yoast plugin block to add keyphrase.

on yoast Plugin you will get two Tabs

  • Keyphrase
  • Readability


Keyphrase on yoast

You will add here Keywords to webpage. and you can optimize your Title and Descriptions. Yoast plugin suggests the adding keywords on title and Descriptions is the best way to get more Noticed.

On Keyphrase section you will add Keywords then the SEO Analysis will suggests you to adding keywords in Different Places to get more Noticed.

This is also a Good Part of SEO Guide.

Keyphrase SEO Analysis Suggests the Same Keyword add in

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. URL Slug
  4. Add in Introduction Paragraph
  5. Add in Headlines
  6. Image Alternative Name (Alt)

These are the better way to Make Good SEO Optimized Website.



Here you will get the blogpost content grammer and readable writing skills. Yoast plugin suggest the Issues in Writing skills on your Webpage.

Readability will Suggest the better Writing Skills and problems on wrting like

  1. Sentence Length
  2. Consecutive Length
  3. Paragraph Length
  4. Transition Words
  5. Enough Words usable
  6. SubHeading Distribution

If your Content will meet on this Suggestion. Yoast Plugin will show Green light on your Optimization

SEO Anlaysis

SEO Analysis the section that yoast plugin suggest about SEO and Readability

take a look at Screenshot

SEO Analysis

Yoast plugin is one of the best SEO Plugin for wordpress websites.

Hope You Will Get Good Information.

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