9 Best Ways to get More Views and Subscribers | Grow Youtube Channel

9 Best Ways to get More Views and Subscribers | Grow Youtube Channel

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Hey, Welcome |Ask Me Asha| Blog. This Blogpost Topic is to Best Ways to Grow YouTube Channel. The Provable Tips to Grow Channel get more Views.

Today I will show you how to get more Views to your youtube channel. grow YouTube Channel from 0. Without using any Paid Tools.

Welcome to 1Billion Active Customers of Web world. YouTube is the biggest platform for the Video bloggers. its free platform offered by Google. Every one love to watch the YouTube videos and it is the biggest platform for video marketing now days.

YouTube is very helpful for the video marketing for the companies and brands, and video Bloggers. its become the world most visited website nowdays.

If you become a brand in YouTube you need YouTube Channel.

How to create Youtube Account Complete Guide?

There are millions of views per day in YouTube. and million of unique viewers to watch every new videos so Creators selected YouTube as video marketing tool.

Become Creator is not easy to make video marketing it need some time and you need gain first subscriber and views of your videos. now come to the point growing in YouTube and gaining views and subscribers is not easy topic.

Viewers need unique topics and need more accurate in your channel to convert viewers to subscribers.

Here some unique and tremendous strategies to get views and subs and Grow Youtube Channel from 0.

How to Get more views on YouTube ?

1. Video Title

2. Video Description

3. Video Tags

4. Use call to action

5. Use custom Thumbnails

6. Make good Channel Customisation

7. Configure Youtube Account Default

8. Create best Channel Trailer

9. Promote on Social Media

1.Video Title

YouTube Title

Title is the main thing to impress to watch your video. So optimising your Video title is the most major thing of Youtube SEO.

Don’t Use too long Titles. make it short and simple listen and make title as a curiosity. It will help first click on your Video.

               For Ex: how to learn English in 30 days. This title is can optimise to
               I Learned English in just 30 Days [Its Possible].

2.Video Description

YouTube Description

Description is also the main part of the strategies to use make more views. In Search Engine videos displayed with Description, some of the viewers will Read first the Description, if your description not good or effective they will neglected your videos move to other.

3.Video Tags

YouTube Tags

One of the most and very important point is Tags, Tags are most spectacular work driven in search Engines, so adding the suitable and popular Tags to your videos is most important

Using better keyword will give you best result in search engine, utilise all your 500 characters.

Research on your keyword and with better tool.

4. Use Call to Action

Most of the popular Youtuber used “call to action”. for the more subscribers and viewer. let us know what is “call to action”?

Call to action is to ask the viewers to subscribe your channel for more updates some of the creator asking starting and some of the creators asking at the end of the video.

Call to action is the best way to gain subscribers and get more views.

6. Use Custom Thumbnail

A Better and high resolution thumbnail will help you to attract your video. it will help you clicks on your videos.

Using custom thumbnail with a suitable title will help you stand your with good ranking also.

There are so many webbased software or tools are there to create your better custom thumbnails like canva

Create Better Thumbnail Here

You can create on your own thumbnails using software photoshop or coreldraw.

Tips for the thumbnails

  1. Size of the Thumbnail is 1280px X 720px (if you creating own with photoshop mention the resolution 600 it will good.)
  2. Not More than 2 MB
  3. File must be in PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF format.

6. Make good Channel Customisation

To get visitors impression you need customise your channel with some offered by youtube. if you didn’t get any idea how to make customise your youtube channel. visit some popular creators and get some new ideas to how to customise with look good in youtube channel.

There are some offered by youtube are

    1. Channel cover

(Channel cover will be shown as brand of your niche. The size of the channel cover is 2560px X 1440px)

  1. Channel Art
  2. Layouts of the videos playlist

The Complete Youtube Channel Customisation Video

7. Configure Youtube Account Default

Upload Default

This will help to take reduce to time to uploading time, youtube offered account default means when set the default settings like adding Description, tags, Title will automatically filled when video uploading.

You can use this as a brand advertisement. you can add the previous and your videos link on your Description. and you can add call to action on your Description.

I have some default setting like Description and Tags. this is more time saver for me.

8. Create best Channel Trailer

Most of the prominent and popular creators has his own channel trailers to attract more viewers to subs. channel trailer automatically starts the video when visiting the channel, so this is the best tool offered by youtube to look your channel as brand.

Some of the creators are adding the channel trailers in videos also like short time 10sec on his videos. It will help you to more impress on to revisit the channel.

9. Promote on Social Media

One ofthe best last strategy is promotion your channel or video in social media. social media is one most powerful tool to get more views and subscribers. Social media helps you direct and indirect traffic to your Youtube channel.

When you uploading video youtube will you to share your video on social media. this is one of the best take of youtube to your video. 🙂

There are so many platorm to promote your videos

  • Facebook Page
  • Blogger
  • Twitter Profile
  • Tumbler
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

These social activities will give you more response to you Better to grow your Channel faster and get more views on your YouTube Channel

Follow these Simple Steps get Good Result. Hope You Will Get Good Information.

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